Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Teachers' Day... NOT!

Okay, so Little Miss is in primary school. Last year, during Teachers' Day, she didn't get her teacher anything, despite her teachers getting all the kids Happy Mother's Day cards for their moms. I didn't want to force feed something to my kid without them understanding what it's all about, so what I did was explain to her what the day is all about. She didn't look too convinced, so I didn't want to make her do something blindly, not understanding what it means. So, no gifts and what not that year.

This year, I think she kinda got the hang of Teachers' Day. Actually, she caught on kinda quick last year, after seeing her friends and seniors getting gifts for the teachers. She said something to that effect. It might also be peer pressure, and my kid just didn't wanna be left out, so I decided, what the heck, let's just get the teachers something anyways, cos they are doing an awesome job with the kids.

So fast forward to this week. Monday, no school, cos the school had their annual Sports Day over the weekend. Tuesday, Little Miss got fever, so no school for her then either. Wednesday was when she went to school. Coincidentally, Wednesday, 16 June, is Teachers' Day. I've already bought the Teachers' Day gift earlier, so I told Little Miss to bring them to school on Wednesday.

I got back home that Wednesday evening, lo and behold, the whole dang bag of Teachers' Day gifts was at home. I asked Little Miss what happened, she said, the teachers told her to wait until Friday to give the gifts cos that's when the school is having their Teachers' Day celebration.

Oh, okay. 

Wait. Hold up a minute. 

What. The. Fuck?

Really, I don't mind them having the one day celebration thing. To be honest, I actually remember the days when we used to have that at school, where we'll have performances, the teachers will sing the 'Kami Guru Malaysia' song, the HM reading the Education Minister's speech -- all of that and more, so I get it. But never could I understand why is it they feel necessary to tell a 7-year-old girl to take back a bag full of her gifts of appreciation for her teachers because she wanted to give her on the God-damned wrong day? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? WHAT THE FUCK?

Okay fine, hadiah aku beli tak de lah grand sangat. Benda bongok je pun. Mug. The kind yang ada roses tu.  Biasa je. Less than RM5 pun to be honest. But when I showed them to Little Miss, her eyes lit up, like they were the most awesomest thing she could give her teachers. So I decided there and then that money for those mugs were money well spent. Tapi, bila Little Miss nak bagi, dan cikgu kata, eh, tak boleh bagi hari ni, bagi hari lain, kau rasa apa yang aku rasa bila aku dengar dia cerita macam tu? Little Miss looked like she always does when she told me that, but all the while I was thinking, whatthefuck, whatthefuck, whatthefuck? 

Haih. I don't knowlah. Do you think I am overreacting? Rileklah, suruh bagi hari Jumaat, bagi Hari Jumaatlah. What's the big deal kalau kau kena suruh bagi hari Jumaat pun. Thing is, pada aku, tak patut jadi pun benda cam tu. Kalau dia nak bagi hari ni, biaq pi kat dia la. Yang hangpa nak paksa jugak bagi hari Jumaat pasepa. Susah sangat ka kalau dia nak bagi hari Rabu tu?

Seriously. I dunno lah why these people are like this.

What happened to teachers like this lady?

extra prescription. yes, the Teddy Stallard story is fiction, I know. But what's more important is that I actually know of teachers who are like that in real life, so there.
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