Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mini Get-Away

I don't very much like to take photos. Of myself. Of others. I know I should have taken more pictures, and although I did take some, they were not that nice for me to publish here. Mostly because the pictures are taken by the wonky camera on my handphone (to which I am still unsure of the shutter setting resulting in blurry pictures because I move the camera too soon after taking a photo) or are supposed abstract/candid shots which upon later inspection made no sense.

Okay, why so elaborate on pictures? On taking photos? On sucking at taking photos? On still not owning that DSLR? Well, for one, hubs and I went to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort early last week for a mini get-away. And guess what? I DID NOT TAKE ANY PICTURES! Not at the hotel, not at the waterpark, not ANYWHERE!

Well, for one, the hotel was so and so, so that was forgettable, but PLUS POINT is there is free WiFI in the lobby, which made the dingy joint somewhat bearable. We stayed at the Suria Service Apartments in one of their studio room, which technically, is okay, nice, clean etc, but definitely not ALL THAT. The TV only had like, the non-paid channels. (No Law & Order SVU!! Waaaaa :"[) The bathroom only had shower, no tub. The breakfast spread was blergh. The pool was nice though, not the Waterpark pools, but the Apartment pools, so that's another plus point. And they have this barbecue pit near the pool, which got me and hubs thinking of family gatherings and barbecuing and all that...

We went on our own for this get-away. The original plan was to haul the kids as well, but Little Miss has exams (boleh tak? Budak darjah satu exam! PAH!). If it was up to me alone, she will be trundled off with us as well, tapi hubs was a bit reluctant to let her miss school, something about not wanting to have her start thinking that exams are okay to miss and all that. She's SEVEN, and I'm loathe to teach her that exams is be-all-end-all sort of thing, but hubs does kinda sorta have a point or maybe he persuaded or bribed me or something, so in the end, I relented. And since Little Miss is not going, then it should only be fair if Little Hero is not going as well *sobs*. So there. The kids were left with Mak, Ayah and two nephews on babysitting duty.

Actually, the whole thing was planned last minute. My sister won the 2D1N stay + Waterpark Entrance fee package, so she sold it to me. Since the voucher expires on the 31st of July, and since hubs' day off is not the most reliable, we just booked on those particular days, long before realizing that oh shi... Little Miss ada exam! Haih!

Was it a good get-away? I dunno. It was kinda sad, I was sad when we were at the waterpark, cos I know the kid would've loved the park! And throughout our time there, I kept on going like, "ooooh, Little Hero would have loved going on THAT slide!" or "Haaaaaa! Kakak mesti suka naik yang ini!" And it DOES NOT help that some other visitors brought along their kids, I was like, KENAPA ANAK DIORANG TAK PERIKSA ANAK AKU KENA PERIKSA NI WEIIIIIIII!!! HAMJADAHHH!

Okay, okay, enough with the drama and rantings and all that. All in all, I must say, it was a nice get-away. Would've been extra nice to have the kids around as well, cos they will probably enjoy it more that we do, but hey, such is the way it was meant to be... This just gives us more reason to go there some day, with EVERYBODY in tow, insyaAllah!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Michael Bay, Bendahari Kehormat Bersih

Click image for source

Apparently, from the above image of Malaysian PM, Najib Razak visiting Queen Elizabeth, it has been deduced that even the BLARDY QUEEN OF ENGLAND is supporting Bersih. 'Cos it's too much to be a coincidence right? Right? Riiiiiiiiight.

Okay, in the same fashion, I now deem mighty Hollywood box office God, Michael Bay as an honorary member of Bersih. Why? Why, because Bumblebee is YELLOW of course!

Click image for source

And oh! Oh!!! What wonderful spokesperson Chris Martin would be, right? Yup yup! Complete with the thespian trophy wife in the form of Gwyneth Paltrow, no less! All because of that song, ummm, what was it... oh yeah! Yellow!

Click image for source

Awww, how sweet!

But of course, the list would not have been complete without the movement's hundreds and thousands supporters, right?

Click image for source

That's the Aedes aegypti. She brings about Yellow fever. You know, the kind of fever that can cause DEATH.

extra prescription. DiGi yellow man, you say? Puhlease. He is soooo passé.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buang Masa

Click Image for Souce

I just spent part of my morning watching KL Gangster. Partly out of curiousity. Mostly out of wanting to see Aaron Aziz in action. I should’ve just remained an ignorant. Nasib baik aku tengok kat Youtube.

Okay, if I can sum it up as simple as possible, KL Gangster is a so-called gangster, action movie , made by an uninformed (or rather, misinformed) nerd. Yes, I am calling you out, Shamsul Yusuf. KAU SEBENARNYA BUDAK NERD YANG TAK COOL TAPI PERASAN COOL SEBAB TU KAU BUAT FILEM GANGSTER YANG KAU PIKIR GANAS GILA, MACAM BETUL2 GANGSTER2 KL PERANGAI MACAM TU. Berapa sen kau punya research, Shamsul oi!


Bagero betul.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Story of the Day #2 - Well-Behaved Kids

Below is a picture of Reagan Kennedy. She just hit a hole-in-one, something difficult to achieve even as an adult, and Reagen is only 6.

Call it luck, a floozy or whatever, but she did it. It's difficult to do, but this little girl managed to do it.

If it was me, I'd be jumping up and down, running around, bragging to hubs and shouting at the top of my lungs, in that particular order.

Not Reagen. She made the shot and walked calmly to the the golf cart. Why no reaction? Is this some zombie-robot-alien child that is taking over the world? No, she didn't react like I would have, like any sane adult would have, because her parents had asked her to behave herself on the golf course because they don't want to disturb others.

But after Reagen made that shot, and after walking calmly back to that golf cart, her parents did say that if there's ever a time for her to break the rule they set about behaving on the golf course, this is it.

She probably broke into a HUGE GRIN, the zombie-robot-alien child, and that was it... I kid. Actually, I am not sure how she celebrated, because you see, the piece of news here didn't say. And I malas to googew.

Click image for source

I'm a mom. Little Miss is Reagen's age so I am partial to stories like this. I get emotional at stories like this. I love well-behaved kids. I want my kids to be well-behaved.

So Reagen, hon, if you wanna shout and jump around now, you can. Heck, go crazy and do a little jig or something, I dunno.

And then go and beat daddy!

extra prescription. Story of the Day #1 is the 'cured' HIV patient. Tengoklah, kalau rajin adalah SotD seterusnya.
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