Thursday, December 30, 2010


Sometimes, you just met somebody and you thought, "Hey, this person is cool. We clicked. We would be totally awesome friends."

And you think, being awesome friends with each other constitutes doing absolutely all the random, funny things that got you attracted to that new awesome friend in the first place. Because you think that you are also awesome that way.

Turns out you're not.

Talk about awkward.

Talk about painful to watch.

extra prescription. Don't mind the nonsensicaliciousness (it's not a word, I know, but then again, neither is refudiate, and look where that word got her) of this post, I was just venting off some steam. And no, the entry is not about me, it's about something in the vicinity.

extra prescription, if you take this you'll be on an overdose. little Miss is going for her orientation tomorrow. Already I have request from as far London for pictorial evidence. The Hubs is lucky if I don't break down and cry in front of all the teachers and the parents. And the kids. Haih.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Little Miss and her Youtube Obsession

Little Miss is 6. She has a Facebook account and she surfs Youtube. Yes, we monitor her and yes, we have filters set on our PC. She plays games on Facebook. Pet Society, Farmville, Countryville, Petville, Yoville and a host of other games she explores herself. I kid you not. The only game I taught her to play was Pet Society.

You see, she caught me playing Pet Society and whenever Mama was not looking, she would play my Pet Society on my Facebook account. This I don't mind. What I do mind was when she began to post nonsensical, unintelligible status update. So I opened her a gmail account and set up her Facebook account specifically for playing Pet Society. Little did I know that she managed to explore the plethora of other games available. Now, her wall is inundated with numerous "Help me plant my trees" or "Find my pet for me" or "Help me build a stronger sorority" (What in the world? I know!)

From Facebook and Facebook games, little Miss now has ventured into Youtube. She has not figured out how to use the webcam to shoot videos yet, so she's not uploading videos (yet). But she watches tonnes of videos, mostly songs or music video clips on her own. From time to time, you can hear her singing to Wondergirls' Nobody or Little Mermaid's Under the Sea. Okay, I admit, I may have started this obsession as well, because I was the one who showed her how to access Youtube and searched for videos. Once upon a time, not so quite long ago, I opened the Dancing Queen video from Mamma Mia! so we can dance and sing along, just for fun, and I guess she's hooked on it since.

So this is one of her favourite songs at the moment. And like it or not, little Hero is hooked on it to.

"If you cannot sing then hum along!"

So there.

ps. BTW, did you know that Amy Adams was on Smallville once upon a time? I LOVE HER!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Got Mirror?

We went to IKEA for dinner today. The hubs had a new office party he wanted to go to. Mak tagged along 'cos she haven't been to IKEA for quite a bit. I was working, so the whole tour bus came and picked me up from work and off we went to IKEA.

Once there, the hubs went for the party. Me, the kids and Mak went jalan2 inside through the showroom, daydreaming how that sofa would look in our hall, how that kitchen cabinet could fit in the house, you know, the usual IKEA activities.

After a bit of sightseeing and window-shopping, the hubs called and said he wanted to take the kids with him to the party. The kids changed hands. Mak and I made our way to the cafetaria for dinner. Bought some baked chicken leg or something. The mash that came with that dish WAS TO DIE FOR!! I can eat bucketloads of the mash, it was so yummeh!

So anyways, that's not the point of this entry (what's the point of anything anyways?). The point of this entry is that, while eating, there were two guys sitting next to us. Suddenly came this couple, the girl came straight to the next table and was like hugging and kissing one of the guys sitting there. Maybe they were long lost friends. Not far behind was the boyfriend. Here he is.
'Sup foo
(Image Source)

Okay, I can probably put up with the outfit, baggy this and that. I don't really mind that. And at least the boi ain't got no grillz or blings, so I'mma give him props for that, y'all. But by God, if you gonna be dressed like a douche, please don't wear punch-inducing cap as well. Say hello to his cap.
Please. Punch. Me.
(Image Source)

FYI, the word 'lansi' on the cap roughly means show-off in some Chinese dialect. It's basically a household term, even for some of the non-Chinese people in Malaysia. "Wah-lao, you buy new car, Ferrari summore, you lansi meh!"

Okay, fine, I am for freedom of self-expression and all that. This person can, for all I care, announce that he is a douche for all to see. He can wear what he wants to wear, whenever he wants to wear. But really nigga, if you look like this...

'Sup foo.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Katie Melua - Nine Million Bicycles

There are nine million bicycles in Beijing, that's a Fact,

It's a thing we can't deny

Like the fact that I will love you till I die

I can't help but smile every time I hear this song. Seriously smile. And think of that someone, who truly was with me, through ups and downs, tears and laughter, pain and joy. Through everything.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Glowing Personality

I am almost thirty, yes, almost, as of 2011, I only have one more year to go before I enter the 3-series threshold, ooh joy.

I have two kids. One is an almost primary-schooling girl. One is a precocious almost three-year-old boy.

You'd think my hormones have figured themselves out by now, right? EKKK. Think again.

I have acne on a daily basis. One dies, another one comes up. And sometimes, my acne decides to go all Italian mob on me. Whenever I poke or squeeze one of them, a whole bunch of pimples of the Italian mob kind assaults my face. I think they're all there for cousin Acne Carmine funeral or something.

I have tried a lot of different facial wash, moisturizers, acne ointments, to no avail. I have tried the top of line stuff, for eg. Biotherm, then I tried stuff somewhere in the middle, like Body Shop and even cheapo ones like Everclear and Safi. Some of them work, for a few days or weeks at best. Most of them don't.

Now, I am trying a birth control pill that can supposedly help with acne. Apparently it also helps for women with chest hair (what in the world...). Apparently one of the side effects is having murderous mood swing.

Yes people, I will easily bite your head off if you piss me off because I am on this crazy-ass birth control pill meant to help me with acne.

Or maybe that's just my glowing and warm personality.

Wanna test your luck?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Little Miss Grows Up #001

Family time looms ahead. It's the school holidays finally for the little Miss, who 'graduated' from her kindy last Saturday. She was kinda bewildered. When I asked her if there's anyone else she wants to take photos with, she just shook her head no, saying let's just eat and take photos later at school. I told her she won't be going to the kindy anymore next year, she looks at me wide-eyed, asked in a semi-horrified voice,"But why?" Like maybe, she did something wrong. Like maybe, she was EXPELLED. From her kindy. ZOMG!

I explained to her, you're going to big girl's school next year. The school we bought the uniforms for. The school we bought you the flowery school bag for (Oy vey, that shopping adventure, I tell you! Nightmare!). This seems to settle her down -- Okay, so we're still going to school, just a different school, right? Ohkay...

Then I explained again, Teacher Janice won't be there anymore. Alisha won't be there, Arfah won't be there, Danish won't be there, Farid Aiman won't be there. All your friends won't be there (please don't imagine the Grinch while reading that, I was not trying to scare the little Miss, I was trying to explain the situation to her). She just looked at me quizzically and nodded.

I looked at the hubs and he was busy eating.


Little Miss is growing up.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Little Hero #001

Teman ni cengei sebenornye. Betul, teman idok la nipu deme. Cengei bebenor. Grumpy tu memang lah sejak azali. Cemeng pada waktu-waktu tertentu, tapi most of the time, memang teman cengei. Contohnya, kalo anak teman teghoyak, jarang le teman nak mujuk. Kalau mula dia teghoyak, ubatnye teman cakap, "Umar, shut your mouth!" atau "Umar, tutup mulut!" Diam lah kawan tu, kadang tu sambil terkebil-kebil nengok teman. Kadang tu sambil sambung teghoyak walaupun mulut terkatup.

Selalunya, treatment 'tutup mulut' tu, teman gunapakai kalau anak teman tu nakei. Banyak bebenor akeinye. Manjat-memanjat usoh ceghite ler. Ngemas rumah memang hobi deme. Mekap teman dipakei. Ubat gigi spare habis dicalitnye kat dinding. Ape ke idok logik teman jadi tarzan?

Tapi ituler, dah nama pun emak. Nak tak nak, ada ler sikit, saki-baki, sisa-sisa sifat2 keibuan tu. Kalo budak nakei tu teghoyak sebab terjerombab ke, distarlight dek kakak dia ke, kena marah bapak dia ke, idok ler teman jadi nasi tambah nye. Teman pujuk ler. Sape tak sayang anak wei...

Ini ler dia, hero teman, Umar Z.

ps. : Entry ini sempena demam Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah. Lagipun memang ayah teman oghang Paghit, yop!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Woots! Okay, now I am back to blogging most of the time. Mostly because after months of tinkering with the new thingamajiggies features blogger added to make blogspot layouts much, much more easier to customize, I have finally settled on a look I am happy with.

However, let me warn you to not be fooled by the pink and baby blue colour combo that I am currently using. I finally used these look and background image and colours because at least they're not that straining to the eyes. I am not and probably never will be a girly girl. I am no Fluffy Spice.

Think Sporty Spice. Think Mia Hamm. Think Wonderwoman. Preferrably on steroids.

Image source

But you know what. It might just be the dormant pretty pink princess in me tryinna get out. Awwww. Errr.. *shudders*.

Maybe not.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Malas Nak Categorize Tags

Hokies. So I have a tonne of tags, used to categorize my otherwise cluttered blog. KONON. Ptuih. Penipu besar saitonnnn. I keep on creating new tags that supposedly categorized my randomness. I end up with a God-awful army of tags that I had no idea I had in the first place. Haiya. Randomly and haphazardly organized lah konon-kononnya.

Ha, sekarang ni macam mana ni?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mission Kinda Possible : Find a School Bag

Little Miss will be schooling next year. Big girl school. Primary school. Being the oldest, she's the guinea pig she wished she never was (at least I think that's what she thinks).

We kinda had a plan on how many uniforms to get for her (2 baju kurungs, 2 pinafores, 3 blouses). But of course, being youngest in my family, older sibs and mak told me to get only the barest essenstials possible. Little Miss will grow up quickly, they say. She won't fit in the small bajus anymore in a very short period of time. For me, little Miss is little. She can still fit into tees meant for 3 year old, bajus half her age. Of course, the length of the bajus are a different story altogether, but let's not get there. All I'm saying is that, she's small for her age, but she's tall.

So one fine day, the hubs had the day off. We decided we'll go shop for her school stuff that day. So off we went to this huge-ass shopping mall in the middle of the muddle that is KL.

So we got the bajus, I actually wanted to get cheaper ones, cos this is a kid we're talking about. Little Miss will probably outgrow them before we know it (okay, so I said something different in the earlier para, I am in denial, in case you haven't noticed. I want little Miss to stay a three year old forever, boleh?). But the hubs being the hubs wanted to get the top of the line ones. Lucky he didn't whisk us off to Proffessors. So we got something, I dunno, maybe second or third ranked brand for uniforms for little Miss. We got her two of each, two baju kurungs and two pinafores with blouses and two pairs of shoes.

Okay, where's the bloody checklict? Uniforms - checked. Shoes - checked. Socks - checked.

Further explorations resulted in chemise and some shorts. And oh yeah, some PE pants. Okay, checked, checked, checked.

The only thing left then was her school bag. Okay, so the general consensus from family members and friends, school bags are mostly useless. You might as well go and get the ones from Mydin cos if those bags become unwearable in like, 2 weeks of schooling, it's a cheapo bag that you can just throw away. If you get the ones with all the bells and whistles, or in the case of schoolbags of the 21st century, wheels and pull handles, it'll cost a bomb and it will most probably go useless within months of schooling.

I was already disheartened knowing this. I wanted to get her something cool for her schoolbag. I didn't want her first big girl school bag to be an outdated bag, the kind I had to use when I was a kid (usually mak would give me her UMNO meeting bags, I didn't mind actually, but others had way cooler bag, like Jem and Barbie. Didn't exactly feel left out, but it was kinda one of my childhood wish, so there). So the hubs and I spent a few shopping trips prior to this one trying to find an okay-ish compromise for the little Miss' first big girl school bag. We finally found one reasonably-priced and PINK backpack at Tearproof in Midvalley Megamall. Yippee-ky-yay-oh!

So that day, the day we took little Miss shopping for her school stuff, while looking for her uniforms, she saw a few school bags also on display in the area. She has got her sight set on one school bag. It's the over-priced wheeled contraption I swore I would never ever buy for my kids. It probably had Barbie or Powerpuff Girls or Strawberry Shortcake on it, which explained why little Miss was so enthralled by it. No way Jose, Missy, Mama ain't gettin' you that bag.

So we dragged her tiny behind to Tearproof thinking we can make her like the PINK Bodypac backpack. Haha, noob parents, THINK AGAIN SUCKAZ. The little Miss stood there shaking her head (eh, eh budak ni, menurun degil sapa ini?). Okay, so fine, we tried taking her to Tropicana Life (ZOMG, yes, she's going to Standard 1, pakai beg Tropicana Life? Sorry, for the life of me, I pun tak sure what possessed me to do that). Little Miss pointed to a bag. It was purple, okay, girl colour. But it had skulls on them. Not cutesy Avril Lavigne skulls, but the Pirates of Caribbean crossed swords as part of the design. By now, I realized little Miss was giving us a lesson in how stubborn she could be. By choosing stuff that she KNOWS mama and papa will not approve of, mama and papa will know THEY ARE WRONG. Wow, my six year old the manipulator. Today, I will conquer Standard One. Tomorrow, the world, bwahahahahaha!!!

But at that time, instead of reveling on how diabolical little Miss has become that day, I became angry. I told her, "Kakak, if you don't choose a bag now, you will have to bring your Smart Reader backpack yang dah koyak-koyak tu." She replied, without missing a beat, "OK." Goddammit, I am being outsmarted by a six year old! I marched her out of the store (Tropicana Life, remember?) and marah-marah the hubs (actually more like venting to him, "kakak ni ha tak nak pilih bag yang elok," bla bla bla). The hubs was like yea yea yea, malas nak layan. Haiz. What is wrong with this family???

Tired and angry and partially hungry, we decided to leave the bag-finding adventure for another day and made our way back to the carpark. On the way there, lo and behold, I saw this tacky , girly pink shop, Miss T or something. We went in, I am not sure what for, maybe I was just pushing my luck, to look for little Miss' bag. Near the back of the store there was this one white bag with flowers all over them. Maybe she really did like the bag or maybe she was tired of being bullied by mama (or is it the other way around?), little Miss said, "yes mama, I like the bag, please get me the bag." I looked at the hubs, but the bag is white, macam mana ni? Cepat lah kotor nanti... But then again, we discussed that the bag will get kotor any which way pun, unless we got her a black bag, which I doubt she will use and I will buy for her. So okay, we finally got her a bag, which cost us RM39.90, RM0.10 cheaper than the RM40 PINK Bodypac backpack we saw in Tearproof.

Lesson learned? Little Miss has a mind of her own.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Simple Things

I have a simple new year's resolution. In time for the Hijri new year and the coming 2011. Next year, I will work harder to be nice. Yes, nice.

Okay, so I am grumpy by nature. I look aloof and unapproachable at best. I am a loner most of the time. I have a few friends that will probably remain my friends for years to come, and that's it. I don't like making new friends. Or maybe I lack the social skills to make new friends and I'm just in denial about it, I don't know.

Speaking of friends, there's always a good chance that the friends I made today, will not be my friends tomorrow. Or, they may be my friends only on Facebook. Do you have that illness? Having tonnes of people you added on Facebook, people you kinda sorta know, but they were only your friends ages ago?

You see, friendship takes a lot of work. You have to keep up, keep in touch with your friends. Me? You're lucky if you get a happy birthday wish on your birthday from yours truly. It's not that I don't care per se, it's the fact that, I always feel that if I start caring for one friend, if I start wishing one friend, then I'd have to wish EVERY-frickin-ONE on their birthdays. And there are people I don't care enough out there who have this delusion that I am their friend. See? Friendship takes up a lot of work. And seeing that I am nasty, grumpy and downright rude, why should I bother, right?

So you see, of all people, I need to be nice. That's why my new year's resolution is to be nice. Please bite off my ass if I'm not nice to you. Thank you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Make me care, dammit!

Dear all, I've gotten to that stagnant point again. A point where I feel downright trapped. In routine. In the same things that I have to do again and again and again and again. I am looking for a challenge, yet I have yet to find one. I am looking for excitement from my work, but I have yet to experience any. I am, in short, stuck in a rut.

Work is abundant. Aplenty. Me? I no longer go the extra mile. I have gotten to the point of "Why the hell should I care?" People with lesser commitment and dedication are scraping by, some are even faring better than me. So why should I care??

Maybe I am making excuses. Of my laziness. Of my procrastination. Of my refusing to do work. Of my endless hours of surfing Craig Ferguson and Robin Williams on YouTube. Of my addiction to Facebook and Mafia Wars. Maybe, I dunno.

Last time I felt like this, I jumped ships. But I have to share one positive note though. Before this, it took me only months to reach this abysmal point. Here, at least it took me some years. So maybe I am moving towards the right direction?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

She Did it Again...

Halu pipol. I'm back. Did you miss me? Did ja, did ja, did ja?

Anyways, I re-did the layout, which, by the way, was the numero uno reason I abandoned this blog before (liar, liar, pants on fire -_-). Now my layout, although not exactly what I totally want, is okay-ish. At least, okay enough for me to want to blog again, so that's good news, right?

What's up in my life? Nothing much, maybe that's why this is a good idea. Cos things are so boring right now, I think this blog can serve as a distraction of sorts.

What do you think?
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