Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Idiot... #002

Note : Yes, I am tragically un-creative when it comes to giving titles to my blog entries. So, from time to time, you'll be stuck with the #00x appended at the end of the blog title, just to say that it's a different entry than the one that had the same name, but came out earlier. I can deal with it, so can you.

Okay, so I'm going to risk being busted by friends and fellow bloggers, but this tidbit is tooooooooo cool not to share. Sharing is caring, as bleurgh as that sounds.

[Why do I say that I risk being busted? Oh, because I've decided to remain an anonymous blogger with this blog. So, by disclosing this, and risking the general population of the world reading it, I'm at risk of exposing myself to friend(s) involved in the fiasco. Oh well... que sera sera.]

So I was happily bloghopping, singgah sana, baca and gelak. Singgah sini, baca dan komen, so the ritual goes. Then I hopped on to my friends' blog. Oklah, baca dan baca dan baca. So, I left a comment on her blog. I left something along the line of, "For the sake of humankind, I shall promote procreation to one and all,". It's actually an inside joke [demmit, now I am so totally busted!!!], something only me and my small circle of friends know. The keyword there is procreate.

[FYI, TMI, I am quite young-ish. 26 to be exact, and I have two kids. The oldest is 4, the younger one is 10 month old. Among my friends, I am the only one with kids - two kids summore. Member-member lain masih mencari, dalam pencarian, baru mengakhiri pencarian etc]

Tiba-tiba, my friend the blog owner YMed me. The chat goes something like...

ANGELINA JOLIE : hun, ur comment caused quite a stir at my blog lah.
HUN [A.K.A aku lah, the writer/owner of this blog] : oh, ye ke? kenapa?
ANGELINA JOLIE : uh... um... ko tengoklah sendirik
HUN [A.K.A aku lah, the writer/owner of this blog] : perempuan, kau nak suruh aku upkan traffic kau ke? cakap je la..
ANGELINA JOLIE : oi, kojaq... [sedikit lagi maki-hamun manja dari Mrs Brad Pitt] Tengok je lah sendiri...
HUN [A.K.A aku lah, the writer/owner of this blog] : ye lah.. ye lah..

Maka aku pun typelah URL blog beliau [taip ok, aku tak subscribe atau bookmark atau apa-apa. History pun aku disable kat browser FF aku ni. Old school style] dan masuk ke blog beliau dan pergi ke entry blog yang disebut tadi. [Actually aku tak sure pun mana satu entry yang dimaksudkan, tapi aku belasah aje, sekali betullah, entry yang aku tembak tu rupanya contains the offending material].

Aku pun scroll. Tak de apa-apa pun. Scroll down lagi. Tak de apa-apa. Harmless comments daripada netizens within the blogosphere. Then aku jumpa comment aku. Aku baca lagi - fuh, best gilak comment aku, kelakar pulak tu, aku pikir [Sorry, hubris talking]. THEN... jeng jeng jeng... Aku terjumpa sesuatu yang membuatkan air hidung aku merembes-rembes keluar tatkala aku tergelak besar.

Komen ini berada di bawah komen aku [and in response to my comment]...

Princess Comelicious* [bukan nama sebenar - masyaAllah, mak bapak dia lagik gila hubris daripada aku kalau betul2 nama anak dia comelicious]

"Dear Angelina Jolie, please tell your friend that she doesn't have to rub it in everyone's faces lah. Tahulah ada anak. Kenapa nak berlagak. Tuhan kan Maha Adil. Ada orang tak de anak sebab belum rezeki. No need to tell people you are pro at creating..."

At first aku terkebil-kebil, air mata, hingus and other bodily fluid belum keluar lagi. Apakah yang wanita ini maksudkan? Aku baca lagi. Aku tak paham. Kali ketiga aku baca comments on my friends' blog in sequence, termasuk komen aku dan komen-komen selepas "Princess Comelicious" [bukan nama sebenar]. Aku still blur. Aku terus video-conference dengan hubby [dia tengah tidur kat opis, aku kejut]. Aku suruh dia baca blog and all the comments, kot-kot he picked up something I missed. Hubby terkebil-kebil jugak baca. Then hubby senyum meleret-leret. Apekah?

"She thinks you're saying you're a pro at creating children," kata hubby. Kimaks! Aku pandang kiri kanan, ready with a sheepish, apologetic smile. Dahlah video conference ni on speaker phone, satu opis dengar. Fuh, sebbaik tempat aku gila secluded and orang lain cuti New Year.

"Sssshhh!!! Apelah cakap macam tu kuat-kuat," aku marah hubby. Actually, aku still blur2 lagi.

"Ehehehe... tell that Princess Comelicious [bukan nama sebenar], practice makes perfect," kata hubby before disconnecting the video conferencing.

Sekali lagi, apekah?

Aku rasa, there's a void in between Princess Comelicious' eyes.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Because I Love Scaring Myself

There's lots of cuti now, so the office is a bit quiet. *sigh*. And since there's not that much to do, I lepak-lepak and been reading on these scary stories. Now, I am scared to finish my work in another room, cos I'll be alone there if I were to go.


Tolonglah bagitahu mak budak sorang ni (read : ME) pegi siapkan keje dia cepat.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

R.E.S.P.E.C.T, Find Out What It Means to Me

This is where being an anonymous blogger helps me. I want to vent. Pardon the vulgarities and profanities (if any) that ensue.

I am supposed to conduct an interview with this huge tokoh. It'll just be a recorded interview, simple questions, with talking points, which I've prepared. Mind you, the questions and talking points went through 3 levels of editors, okay? And the amendments were very little (I am, for once, not being a snob, but really, where can one go wrong with a New Year message?)

Okay, fine. That horror is over.

Then somehow, the biggest boss here got wind of the interview. He's a nice guy, I like him actually, but I can't for the life of me, think of a reason why, he would not let a lowly exec (me) interview the huge tokoh. WTF? For him, as if, tak menghormati the huge tokoh. (BTW, the huge tokoh bukannya well educated pun, just so happen to be married to a very influential person). WTF?

So, the biggest boss had asked another boss to interview the huge tokoh. Now, this boss, I've emailed the boss the Q&A since MONDAY, BLARDY, MANIC MONDAY, okay? Then the not-so-big-boss replied, "Okay, I'll take a look at it this afternoon and let you know of any amendments." Fuh, lega. (This all happened on Monday, coincidentally, I had a 39 Degrees fever then, but you don't hear me complaining, right?)

Do you know when she replied? Friday. The not-so-big-boss replied on Friday and the interview is supposed to take place the next Monday. The not-so-big-boss replied with amendments and the amendments needs to be edited and looked at by a host of other people, and it's a long weekend with cuti Awal Muharram on Monday (yes, it is not enough that they have to torture me into joining the interview on Monday as nothing more than a glorified tukang bawak barang).

And to top it all, I received an SMS on Sunday morning saying the interview is OFF!!!


Have you no respect of my time and effort?

No, of course not, I am but a lowly personnel who just don't get it, right? Whatever.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Selagi Belum Tutup Mata, Kerja, Kerja, KERJA

So I had a discussion with a few co-workers this morning. It's about re-writing a piece of interview another colleague has written for a big person that is related to the company I'm working with. This colleague's English is so-and-so. (This story actually prompted me to write this).

So, when the unit's big boss read my colleague's Q&A, the big boss flipped. English was primary-school level, the answers prepared for the big person were shallow. Like, and this is a very poor example ya, but here it goes.

Situation : You're interviewing Al Gore
: What do you think of global warming?

: (Which you prepare, just in case, not really expecting Al Gore to follow your answer, just that in case he froze or something, I dunno) I think it's bad and people need to recycle more.


Okaylah, mungkin aku tak berada di tempat colleague tu. Mungkin bukan aku yang kena marah dek big boss kitorang, tapi still, aku faham apa yang big boss aku cakap tu. Colleague aku tu menjawab sikit lah, dia kata, "Tapi, ini semua feedback daripada [lagi sorang big boss], saya ikut je." Hmmm. Okaylah, fine, big boss lagi sorang tu kasi idea, but still, when it comes to writing and wording the questions and answers, you're still responsible. So, pandai-pandailah jugak kan?

This is the dilema lah, pada aku. Sebab hakikatnya, Q&A tu bukannya guna sangat pun. Sediakan just for the sake of sediakan je. Formality. Tapi kena lah ada, kalau tak de, lagi haru. Tak ikut protokol (or whatever). Tapi bila sediakan, kena shot down, cam haku pun kena gak. Susah lah.

Tu lah, masa interview dulu, the biggest boss here tanya aku, soalan standard sebenarnya dalam interview, what is your biggest weakness? Aku cakap, aku tak pandai handle different expectations from different people, i.e. bosses. Bos yang ini nak aku independent, bos yang itu nak aku refer dia tentang apa-apa hal pun, bos yang sinun couldn't care less aku tergolek dog pun. Aku tak boleh. Pada aku, bosses kena ada united front. Kalau nak workers yang independent, then let me be. Give me the guidance then trust me to make the right decisions. Kalau nak suruh aku dependent pada bos, then jangan suruh aku fikir.

Susah sangat ke?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Aku Melayu #002

My line of work requires me to be conversant in English. Fluent. Very fluent, actually. So, realistically, my co-workers, my peers, people who share my job title, should have the same ability, if not better, right? Well, sad to say, to some, English is a luxury developed due to work needs.

Okay, so I'll risk coming off as a snob. As I've established earlier, deep down, I may even truly be a snob. And also, I love to trick people into thinking I am someone who is berlagak. But for me, English is something I need to master. It is not something I have to master, it is something I need. Like air is needed to breathe in and out.

So I work with a few people who share the same job title. In a pre-dominantly, progressive Malay organization. If it was up to me, then, even with my English, our unit will not be adequate. You see, our unit deals with the general population. Not only for the immediate circle of our organization and our client, but for the general population. Not the general population of Malaysia, but the general population of the world. I kid you not. (If only I can tell you what I do and where, but that would just defeat the whole purpose of this blog).

So if we are to communicate with the whole world, then the ideal individuals to do that should be proficient in English. Damn blardy fluent in English. Perhaps dreaming in English should be a job pre-requisite. Right??? Right...

Tapi, itulah, like I said earlier, to some, English is just a work-related need. Now, when something is work-related, it is often relegated to the second or third or even fourth priority, if it ever made it to the person's priority list pun. I mean, okay, kalau it's work-related, then surely you ada your main tasks, kan? Then you ada your not-so-main tasks. Then you ada your main-main things (for me, it's blogging or facebooking or friendstering). Then you ada your kawan-kawan borak. Habis tu, when to brush up your English? Masa in between, free time you? When? In between main friendster ngan borak with your friends? Right...

I guess it boils down to a person's priority. If they truly believe that English can enrich their lives, then they'd try harder to master it. If they tried harder to master it, rather than just skimming by, they'd realize how their English sound to their audience. If they truly wanna learn English, they'd be embarrased of the mistakes they make, even if it's only once in a while (heck, I still get embarrased when I make mistakes in English).

So, damn right, aku Melayu. Melayu yang fasih berbahasa Inggeris and damn proud of it.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sun Tzu's Art of War

My strategy is simple. I love writing. So much so that I refuse to write for the sake of just writing something. I have to want to write. Unfortunately, I am also fickle. And I have a weak resolve. So I don't write that often. And the times when I do want to write are few and far in between.

That's why my other 700 blogs have died before this.

However, with this blog, I have a new strategy. I've yet to figure out if this strategy will work out for the best. Or if it will forever be the cure of me abandoning my blogs out of guilt for not updating them for so long. I am also not sure if this is the strategy that some bloggers have employed long before me (D'oh! You mean you just figured this out???), in which case they'll hate me cos I'm revealing their secrets to a long and fruitful and constantly updated blogs (like daily updates? Hullo, have ye no life?)

My strategy is to have drafts after drafts after drafts after drafts of stuff. Stuff that I can publish when my blog gets a little bit neglected. Stuff that tells me, hey, I'm a good mom to my blog.

And then I'll work on taking over the world.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Every Day is a Mother's Day

Hari ni aku bawak bekal. Mak aku nak kena operate cataract, jadi semalam dia pergi hospital. Jadi, anak-anak sedara aku (anak-anak kakak sulung aku) datang babysit anak-anak aku yang mak aku jaga. Then malam tadi tido kat rumah. So, plus ayah, mak, aku and hubby, ada lagi 2 orang budak yang selalu lapar perut.

Memandangkan ada orang, mak aku buatlah breakfast yang agak grand. Mak aku buat nasik lemak. Actually, kepada sesetengah orang, nasi lemak tu, tak de lah grand mana, kan? Tapi mak aku dah 70 tahun. Mata pun dah tak berapa nak nampak. And still, bila ada anak cucu, sure mak aku nak masak kat diorang. So, kalau bagi korang itu tak grand, tak pe lah, sebab pada aku dah maha grand dah.

Biasalah, bila mak aku buat sarapan grand-grand ni, sure dia suruh aku bawak bekal. Alahai. Selalunya, waktu lunch ialah waktu aku bersosial dengan kawan-kawan. Makan setengah pinggan je pun. Selalunya aku borak. Dan borak. Dan borak. Serta minum Nescafe ais. Ahhh. Best.

Jadi, kalau aku bawak bekal, agak mengganggu rutin harian lunch aku. Tapi, mak aku julung-julung kali buat sarapan. Dan aku jarang sekali dapat bawak bekal daripada mak aku lagi akhir-akhir ni. Tapi, aku nak borak-borak jugak dengan kawan-kawan aku. Termangu-mangu jugak aku pagi tadi sebelum nak bungkus nasik lemak yang yang mak aku buat tu.

Tiba-tiba, mak aku cakap, "Bawak ajelah. Kalau tak makan pun, buang je. Kalau buang kat pejabat, mak tak tahu pun."


Aku jadi sedih.

Hari ni, aku lunch sorang-sorang kat meja dengan nasi lemak yang mak aku bekalkan. Sebab aku sayang mak aku.

Gambar untuk tujuan kosmetik. Tidak ada kena-mengena dengan nasik lemak mak aku.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Iye, aku Mangsa Kapitalisme Amerika Syarikat

Aku addicted kepada Starbucks. Cakap je kopi Starbucks, apa yang aku tak pernah test? Dan hari ini, walaupun aku dah agak pokai, sebab tak kuarkan duit lagi, sebab ATM ramai orang dan aku malas beratur serta jam yang dah menunjukkan pukul 2.15 pm walaupun lunch hour hanyalah 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm, aku terkedek-kedek pergi Starbucks dan habiskan RM33.25 untuk Toffee Frappucino yang oh-so-yummy dan organizer Starbucks yang sungguh stylo.

I am ashamed of myself. Please someone come up with 12-steps for quitting Starbucks.

Tapi aku tetap suka dengan organizer Starbucks yang stylo tu.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuhan Tolong Aku


Sapa kata Aku tak tolong kau?
Sorry, that was Tuhan screaming in my head.

Aku seorang yang paranoid, kalau korang tak tahu lah. Aku sangat paranoid sebenarnya. Dan aku seorang yang sangat-sangat jealous dan sensitif. Macam manalah hubby boleh tahan perangai aku, aku pun tak tahu. (Mungkin Tuhan yang banyak tolong dia in that sense).

Dahlah aku paranoid, aku jugak sangat kuat berimaginasi. MasyaAllah, sungguh kuat imaginasi aku. Kalau imaginasi yang elok-elok je, tak pe jugak. Tapi ini tak, asyik-asyik imagine yang bukan-bukan.

Dahlah aku paranoid dan kuat berimaginasi, aku suka merajuk. Kadang-kadang tu, merajuk sebab benda-benda yang aku paranoidkan, lepas tu, imaginasi aku ialah benda yang bukan-bukan, padahal bukan betul pun. Lepas tu, aku merajuk. Apekah?

Tuhan, tolong hubby aku!

ps. Does this count as a surat chenta?

Monday, December 15, 2008

I Love the Whole World, It's Such a Brilliant Place

Discovery Channel - I Love The World

Astronaut 1: It never gets old, huh?
Astronaut 2: Nope.
Astronaut 1: It kinda makes you want to…
Astronaut 2: Break into song?
Astronaut 1: Yep.

I love the mountains,
I love the clear blue skies
I love big bridges
I love when great whites fly
I love the whole world
And all its sights and sounds

Boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada (x2)

I love the oceans
I love real dirty things
I love to go fast
I love Egyptian kings
I love the whole world
And all its craziness

Boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada (x2)

I love tornadoes
I love arachnids
I love hot magma
I love the giant squids
I love the whole world
It’s such a brilliant place

Boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada (Repeating until fade)

Awww... So Sweet!

So they've basically been a tabloid must for the past few months, but it seems that only now that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston is admitting of the relationship. I think it's cute, especially when John was acting goofy about it.

An excerpt (I just couldn't resist) :

Nancy asked if he and Jen were planning to start a family soon, pointing out that Jen plays a great mom in "Marley & Me."

"You're gonna try to get me in trouble," John said. "I'm here to support someone that I love... and [her] movie."

Nancy couldn't help point out what John had just said.

"You used the 'L' word," she said to John.

"Why, of course," he replied.

"In love?" Nancy continued.

"Stop it," John added with smile. "I'm trying to be cool."

Friday, December 12, 2008

Be Ye Not So Stupid

Although my archive might mislead you, I am not new to blogging. I am seasoned enough to know that if I want to start a "hate" blog, I should stay anonymous. No easy feat, I tell ya. It's hard for me not to divulge information that is relevant to my stories cos they may reveal who I am. It is also hard for me not to link my stuff to, oh, I dunno, every other virtual playground I hang around in.

My "hate" blog may contain rants and raves about work, and I can get into deep shite if I am to reveal myself. Can you imagine, on my bad days, calling my boss dickhead and then getting fired for it? Hey, look, I love her*, and she may be my idol when it comes to blogging, but I refuse to be dooced. Hell noooo. I love my job too much, and I refuse to be punished just because I get irritable and annoyed and sensitive once in a while.

My hate blog may also contain information about family member(s) who just can't help but to piss me off from time to time. I love them (with the exception of one), but I just want to strangle them from time to time, ya know? I ain't no saint. So, unsurprisingly, I wholly agree when Susan Shapiro, a Manhattan journalism professor who wrote for New York Times, Washington Post etc, said “Some names and identifying characteristics of people portrayed in this book have been obscured so they won’t divorce, disown, hate, kill or sue me.” (I found that quote here).

So, to those of you who have to know who I really am, I'm sorry, this blog is not for you. At least for the time being. Happy reading anyways!

*No, she is not my boss.

Sayang, where's my Orgasm?


That's the collective sound of the whole room swivelling their head to get a better look at whoever uttered those word.

By that virtue alone, I should christen my new TyTN II -- Orgasm.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sungguh Marah #001

Saya sungguh marah. SUNGGUH. DAMN RIGHT, saya marah. Kenapa saya marah? Sebab saya dah penat-penat buat kerja, dok kejar sana-sini nak dapatkan guest besar tu, tetiba, bila dah dapat guest besar tu, macam sial, kena pegi tempat lain dan tak boleh join nak interview orang besar tu. DAMN RIGHT I AM PISSED OFF.

I am pissed off at my boss, for not sticking up for me. Fight for my right to be there lah! Why should someone else do what I started? Okay, fine, so maybe part of me is angry because this is something out of the ordinary. Something yang glamor lah kot? Something yang tak semua orang dapat buat. Damn right I'm pissed not able to be a part of that. Tapi what pisses me off more, is that I took the initiative to make the first move! Orang lain tak bergerak lansung pun. Tiba-tiba, orang lain yang dapat pergi?

I am also pissed off with the HR. Look, for me, it's crystal clear that this is extra-curricular activity. It is not something within my immediate job scope. It is just an initiation rite that you have a few times a year. So I missed the first one, my son was hospitalized. Now, if I miss the second one, I'll be blacklisted for not being cooperative? Fuck you, forgive me for doing my work! Why did you schedule the event during the busiest time of the year? Pernah consult our bosses ke pasal the suitability of the time? Tak pernah kan? Then how? You arrange during busy times, then of course lah orang busy and unavailable. Bencilah macam ni.

It's shite like this that makes me so sick of work!

The Idiot #001 Part 1

Note from the Scribe
I foresee this as an on-going blog entry. This is probably the first entry I am dedicating to this person -- no, no, he is not that special, he is just that blardy annoying and I hate him enough to bash him again, and again, even if it's through an anonymous cyber landscape.


Hubby has a brother. He was married, now divorced, has 4 kids and then got into some financial problems. Actually, he was never financially-sound, I guess. He earned a fair amount each month, though he just kerja kilang. His wife worked as well, some kerani cabuk or something. They used to live in Seremban-Kuala Pilah-Senawang, somewhere uncool like that la (no offense to Negrians, my beef is with the said brother).

But I dunno what's with those two, their money was never enough. Not even after he chose VSS and got compensated with RM27,000. Not a cent of that money was given to my mother in law, i.e, his and hubby's mother.

Even throughout the years, my brother-in-law, henceforth will be called the idiot, did not send any money to his mother. Hubby's family always had this suspicion that the idiot is under some spell from the idiot's wife and her family. Maybe some nasi kangkang or something, I dunno. My take? The idiot is just one of those spineless, insipid individuals. It's easier to let his wife to make the decisions than to make them himself, so he let her do just that.

So, long story short, the idiot got into a humongous money problem (which resulted from the two of them buying a house they can ill-afford -- who the fuck does that? Ambik loan bank to beli rumah when they can't afford the monthly payment???). Ini kes perasan kaya-raya, padahal belajar sampai SPM je, kerja makan gaji, tu pun malas. Pakai kredit kad, beli kereta lah, motor lah etc. Padahal anak tonggang-langgang.

The bank wants him to pay some RM800 a month or something, basically the amount is about the idiot's salary plus his wife's salary minus a few hundred ringgits. So, exactly how can the idiot pay for all that and still feed his kids, right? The idiot (or maybe it was his wife) got the idea of borrowing from ah long. Brilliant, eh?

Needless to say, the idiot got deeper and deeper into the shithole that he was in already and the idiot wanted to bail. Now, how would any sane person do that? Oh, I dunno, get a second (third, fourth, fifth) job, borrow from a relative or sell off some of their asset or something. That's what a sane person would do. What would an idiot do? Bug his mother about it. The mother he never sent any money to, the mother he left the minute he married that bitch of a wife. That mother who was living on his dead father's pension. The mother who's the only other source of income is her second son, my hubby.

The ensuing story is an on-going one. Tune in for more. My anger is spent for today.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

There's No Place Like Home.

In case you didn't know (cos I didn't tell you, cos I didn't think it was really gonna happen), we spent Raya Haji at Terengganu. *sigh*. Agak meng-nightmare-kan. Now, I am not a bratty, Paris Hilton type of girl. I can hold my own, tapi, I dunno, maybe deep down, wayyyy deeeeeep down, I am a snob.

We went back to hubby's hometown in Terengganu. I have no idea what's the name of the town, I think it was Batu Hampar or something. The house was old. And I mean old, creaky, wooden, berlubang-lubang type of kampung house. But hey, I survived it. Maybe we get to do it again next year (and only my love for hubby would enable me to survive that one, cos then, I'll know what I'm getting myself into).

I dunno lah. I'd like to think that I don't think I'm above all that. That Allah can easily take away all my comforts that I have in KL (seeing that I only remember Him when it suits me). That I can be worst off than that place. Tapi, entahlah. I can't stand it there. The smell. And it's dirty. I guess they think that it's old and crumbling anyways, bakpo nak kemas-kemas. The only person who did any cleaning up was hubby's Tok, an 90% deaf 80+ year old.

We spent about 3 days 2 nights there. 1 night was spent at Ayah Long, hubby's uncle, in some Felda in Kuantan, Pahang. Another nightmare. Not as bad as Terengganu, the house at least was rumah batu. But still, the floor had all this sand on them. Sands that will stick to your foot when you walk. And it will get everywhere. Why oh why don't these people clean up? Tak de sapu ke? And what's with the scattered utensils, pots and pans, pinggan etc?

They (as in hubby's relatives) think I am rich, that my family is rich. My house in KL has 8 rooms, rumah batu etc. But even if we lived in a small, cramped place, I am bloody sure my Mak will keep it clean. I don't think she'll let all the sand in house that long. She'll keep away her stuff (she might forget where she puts them, but at least they're out of the way). Sarung kusyen, almari etc, will not be as berdebu. Gawd. I am so sad thinking about all this.

MORAL OF THE STORY : I am fragile. I miss my Mak and Ayah all the time. I don't like going to other people's house and staying there, especially if I can avoid it. I think next time, I'll figure out a ruse to persuade hubby to stay at a hotel.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Aku Melayu #001

Kenapa setiap kali aku nak berblog dalam Bahasa Melayu, aku fail? Aku selalu rasa cam poyo gila. Cam ntah apa-apa. Aku cuba jugak nak berblog dalam Bahasa Melayu baku, lagi fail. Sumpah tak boleh blah. Jadik macam poser, macam aku buat-buat. Mungkin medium komunikasi aku secara amnya, bahasa Inggeris, tapi, ye, aku still Melayu. (p.s. aku selalu typo Melayu jadik Melayi).

Ada banyak benda yang buat aku sangat Melayu. Salah satunya, aku memang muka Melayu. Mungkin ada jugak yang kata aku muka Jawa (mak aku orang Jawa, ayah aku 1/2 Jawa). Tapi tak de lah Jawa sangat kot. But then again, so what kalau muka Jawa pun?

Jadi, kalau dah muka Melayu, kenapa nak cakap Omputih? Berlagak? *sigh*. Lazimnya aku biarkan orang yang fikir aku cakap Bahasa Inggeris sebab aku berlagak untuk terus berfikiran begitu. Sebab kalau aku buktikan yang aku sebenarnya tak berlagak, I may even have to be friends with those people.



//ha, tu cakap Jawa, tahu tak?
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