Sunday, November 30, 2008

Digital Natives vs Digital Immigrants

Once upon a time, a time where there was no Internet, people had to go to the library to find out about stuff. Or they had to ask their teacher, the know-it-alls of their time. They type out their assigments on typewriters, those born in the 80s and above using electronic typewriters. Those more unfortunate born earlier had to use the mechanical ones (to tell y'all the truth, I kinda dig them typewriters, they have so much quaintness and character). These people studied hard to be the best in their field, and some do become the best in their field years later.

These breed of people then grow up to be teachers, lecturers, tutors and the likes. We'll call these people digital immigrants.

Fast forward. Enter a new breed of people. Young'uns who was born into a world with computers at their home, broadband internet connection, word processor, digital imaging etc. These people are so well-versed with the cyberspace, Second Life is their life. They keep up with their friends via Friendster or Facebook. They communicate with their friends using Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger. We'll call them young'uns digital natives.

These digital natives go to schools, which are administered and taught by the first breed of people, the digital immigrants. (Note : Read here for more explanation about those two breeds.)

So of course, these two breeds think differently.

More often than not, the younger set of digital immigrants will adapt and adopt IT successfully. But then again, they have accents that painfully reminds you that they do not really belong in the digital natives group. Painful reminders like, "Kau print email-email kau tu, jadik proof untuk appraisal kau nanti" or *phone rings, you pick it up* "Masuk bilik aku jap, aku nak tunjuk website ni kat kau..."


Kadang-kadang aku rasa cam nak tatu, God doesn't give you more than what you can handle kat mana-mana anggota badan aku yang aku boleh selalu nampak.

Tuhan tolong aku.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Things I Do Not Like to Do But Have to Do Anyways #001

Structured work. 'Nuff said.

I totally suck at doing something day in and day out, over and over again. I'd rather face new things, new challenges, anything, rather than the boring same-old, same-old. But of course, being a person employed by another, choosing what to do, is but a luxury.

I hate being a slave.

This is one of the days that strengthen my resolve to be a stay-at-home-mom.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Life in the Not-So-Fast Lane

Been a blurry and boring week. Nothing exciting happens. Boo-hoo. I dunno la. Mungkin dah overkill dengan semua exciting things yang jadik last week, so this week is a dead week. Demmit.

One ray of sunshine, a brand new addition to our family.

Meet my HTC TyTN II. I'm calling her... err... actually, I dunno what to call her. Call her my PDA? Nah, too boring. My handphone, that's just wrong, cos she is a PDA. I dunno people, what does she look like to you?

Maybe I should call her orgasm. Ooh.

ps. Sorry for being a tech geek. :-P . Maybe if I rajin, then got review, okay? No promises.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An Early-ish Wednesday Morning Post

I know I should be limiting my postings based on significant events in my life. That should be the idea. And to tell the truth, there ain't much things significant going on right now. So, why am I writing?

But then again, I am currently toying with the idea of either a) jumping ships i.e., looking for another job; or b) staying here and pursuing my Master's degree. Either way, I'd definitely do my Master's.

If I stay here and slug it out another year or so, then I can study here for free, though they do not offer Mass Comm courses (but that is yet to be seen, they may in the future). But if it was up to me, I'd like to pursue my Master's at my alma mater, UiTM. I just love it there. Part of my heart will always be with UiTM.

Here's the thing that's making me confused. Apparently, there's a recession going on. Or is going to happen. Personally, I don't really feel anything (yet?), so I dunno. So, spending about RM1,000 per semester for my studies may be a bit of a problem if I were to go to UiTM. But I read in Yahoo! HotJobs, now's the best time to invest in an education.

And, we've yet to buy the car. The proper family car. The MPV of our dreams. And me, I'm supposed to go and get a driver's license so Papa don't have to drive me around everywhere. So, tack that on top of all the other expenses we have, is this the right direction I should be going?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oops, she did it again...

World, say hello to the serial-blogger, who's come back armed with a new blog. Will she ever keep up with this one, or will it also be abandoned like the 700 others she has all over the world wide web?

You askin' me? HAH!

ps. I'm blogging about blogging, this is not a good sign or start.
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