Thursday, October 27, 2011

Green Green Grass by the River

Ah! Tacky gila lah! 

Apa yang tacky? Tak la, aku kan dah lama tak post apa-apa, so aku nak buat macam opening, "Ni hao! Hao jiu bu jian!" (Translate: Hai! Lama tak jumpa!). Pastu aku padam. Sebab tacky. Dan corny. And if there's one thing I'm NOT is tacky. Or corny.

Anyways. Yeah, the hiatus. Oh well, shit's been hitting the fan at work lately, and me being my usual procrastinating, malas self, did not prioritize this blog. Sorry.

So what made me come back then? Saja. Been missing the medium, maybe? Or... memang penyakit aku ni ada tenggelam timbul. Sekejap aku tenggelam. Sok lusa aku timbul balik.

Ok, now, I don't want any pointless entry. So let's get to the meat of today's ramblings, shall we?

Lately, a lot of 'questionable' things are happening around me. More so than the usual fair of weirdness I am confronted with. I am talking about questionable on the morality side. A lot of stories of extramarital affairs, backstabbing, badmouthing etc is been going on, and since I am a flawed human being, aku pun join menjoyah (mesti ada yang cakap, yelah, perempuan, tak de kerja lain lettew). Oh well, Wallahualam. I try, actually, I try very, very hard. So maybe next time, I will try harder. Doakan sekali?  

And this thing too has its ups and downs. Sebab if I recall correctly, awal tahun memang rancak cerita itu ini begitu begini. Then it died down. Then recently, these things come cropping up again. This time around tak de la sehebat the earlier rounds of rumours. But jyeah, ada lagi saki-baki cerita-ceriti Kak Joyah, Kak Nam dan yang sewaktu dengannya.

I dunno what's gonna happen. And the speculations of what's gonna happen are far from rosy. Things are getting from bad to worst, and I guess people (myself included) are just reacting to the bad modjo flying around. This is no longer a healthy situation to be in, but sadly, the answer is not as crystal clear as I'd like it to be. Aku rasa nak cari team captain baru (okay, inside term, perhaps in due time, I will explain, tapi memandangkan ini melibatkan kerjaya, I will refrain from getting into too much details just yet), tapi ada banyak benda yang aku sayang kat sini. Job scope. People. Immediate boss. Team. Environment. Tapi adalah dua, tiga ketul tahi yang stinking up the whole place so much so the stench is unbearable!

And yes, I know I am not making sense. Cerita atau entry ni tiada pembukaan, kandungan dan penutup. It sucks to be stuck in this funk, trust me.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An Open Letter to J.K. Rowling

Dear Ms. Rowling, 

First of all, let me tell you that I love you. I know millions of your fan around the globe profess their love for you all the time, in different, more special kind of way, but I still want you to know that I love you. 

I love you for the fact that you created this wonderful, bespectacled, orphaned wizard by the name of Harry Potter and how through your stories about him, you have made him as real as any human walking this earth can be. Harry is not perfect, your books are not perfect, but that's okay. That's part of the appeal, the fact that among all the imperfections, there is still something worth loving, worth looking out for, worth looking forward to.

Ms. Rowling, I understand from stories that the conditions under which you wrote your stories were far from ideal. They were dark times indeed. But you had that story in your head (and perhaps, more importantly, in your heart) and you managed to tell it in spite of all your hardships. Ms. Rowling, please know that a lot of us read your stories under similar, desolate situation. I know a friend who lost her parents when she was still very young, and your stories were probably the only ones there for her when life as she knew it fell apart. And me, Ms. Rowling, I read a few of your books when I was going through some of the darkest times in my life and Harry, Ron and Hermione were always there for me. Please know Ms. Rowling, that those words you string together struck a chord deep in my heart. I hate to be ungrateful to others who there for me during my difficult time and say that Harry alone pulled me out of my depression and suicidal tendencies, but he was there and I can certainly feel his firm grasp on my slipping grip on reality.

Funny, isn't it, how a work of fiction can be so real to so many? Deep inside, we know Harry is a fictional character, but he is one that we can relate to, one representing love, faith, hope and courage and at the end of the day, Ms. Rowling, those are perhaps the single string of commonality that we have among us human. Maybe that's why Harry has managed to transcend the many barriers we have erected among us.

Thank you again, Ms. Rowling. For Harry and his friends and his stories. And thank you for telling them to us.

Much Love,
A fan.

ps. This was tearfully written after I finished reading Hallows ages ago, while pregnant with Lil Hero. The entry has been in my drafts folder for ages, and I kinda dug it up again after watching Hallows Pt. II. I decided to just publish this since even after sometime, the things I wrote still struck a chord deep within me (btw, that's one of the ways I evaluate my writing, does it still stir up the same emotion I felt when writing if I read the piece after some time?) And judging by this entry, you can safely guess how I feel about J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and this entry. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Framework Konon.... PAH!

Okay, I've thought about this for a bit. I am actually going through a bit of a writer's block (eh, samo plop dengang Meka...) so one of the 'exercises' I did was this association thing, where I come up with one totally random phrase or word, and just come up with things that relate to that phrase or word or whatever. 

So somehow, I kinda diverted my 'association exercise' into blog topics, things that I can talk about in this blog. Originally, I just wrote 'what's in my head' in the middle of an A4 paper, and tried to expand on that, but seeing that my head and all its brilliance is pretty blocked at the mo, my head decided not to cooperate. I am left looking at the A4 paper pretty stupidly with the unfinished mind-map of "What's in My Head" in the center. Sorry Tony

So then, I somehow digressed a bit more and thought, since there's nothing in my head (maybe the aliens have sucked out my brains or something), why not just expand "What's in..." haaaaa, that question, I tell you, tiba-tiba banyak idea mencurah-curah. Actually, not that many ideas lah, tapi adalah sampai 10 benda I can list down, as per the following list:
What's in....
  1. Your head?
  2. Your heart?
  3. Your purse/wallet?
  4. Your handbag/manbag/backpack?
  5. Your office drawers? 
  6. Your wardrobe? (lemari baju lah, kang ada plak yang cakap, sejak bila kau  ada wardrobe)
  7. Your PC and/or external harddisk and assorted memory flash drive/disk? 
  8. Your car?
  9. Your memory box?
  10. Your blog?
So now, I have somewhat of a framework of things to write when I stumble upon another of this infamous writer's block. Question now is, tajuk dah ada, content

Bwahahahaha... bongok. Looks like we're back at square one.

ps. Please forgive the author/blogger. She just came back from a week long vacation, and she still haven't adjusted to the fact that SHE HAS TO WORK, DAMMIT!
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