Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Worst Clinic Visit EVER!

Little Hero was unwell. He's been having fever on and off since the past 2 weeks. The other night, he coughed so bad that he threw up his dinner. He has mild asthma (thanks to his Papa) but he wasn't wheezing or anything like that. Yesterday, hubs was on leave, so he was home the whole day. Hubs said that Little Hero was practically sleeping the whole day. Lethargic. Was not his usual playful self.

I got home and decided to take both Littles to the clinic, since Little Miss also has a cough on and off.

Since the new year, my company has changed our insurance carrier. We are now under ING Insure (or something). Unfortunately, the clinic we usually go to does not take the ING card. Sadness. So we had to go to another clinic, namely Klinik Idzham to see the doctor and take the meds. Major Sadness.

I don't like Klinik Idzham. It's usually full. It gives lame-o meds. It has some of the shittiest doctors I have ever had the misfortune to meet (one time, I had a 39 degrees celcius fever - I know 'cos I stole a peek at the doc's thermometer, but  she didn't give me an MC. Reason being, 'Your type of fever will go down soon, you can go to the office later, I kasi you timeslip je, okay?'). I went on EL that day. 

Anyways, we (as in hubs and I) decided against our better judgment and went to Klinik Idzham anyways because a) it's the nearest and b) it's been ages since we been there, surely they've bucked up. SURELY.


First off, coming in, I saw about 20 or so people in the clinic. Okay, so this is Malaysia, I thought, and that is kinda expected. [APA? Mak nak pegi Giant beli groceries? SEMUA ORANG NAK IKUT, termasuk tok, nenek, bibik, pak teh, mak teh, pak anjang dan Comel the cat. SEMUA, okay?] Doesn't matter that it's only ONE child who's sick, most parents here think it's okay to haul their WHOLE healthy line of offsprings to a place where germs and all sorts of icky illnesses are all around (it's a friggin clinic, people! And you wonder why your third daughter is now coughing as well? AND have a fever? AND have those rashes?)

But I was still like, okay, tak pe, pergi je kat kaunter. The nurse at the counter was nice enough albeit a bit confused
Nurse: Puan pernah datang?
Me: Pernah. Tapi dulu under PM Care
Nurse: Oh, sekarang dah tukar?
Me: Yes, company tukar insurance carrier.
Nurse: Oh... tukar career.
Me: *holds breath* *bites tongue*
Nurse: Tapi nama Umar (Little Hero) ni dulu, lain ke?
Me: (Was about to say, 'I haven't changed my son's name yet so whatchu talkin about fu?')[In reality, looks over to her computer monitor] His second name is spelled with 2 As.
Nurse: (Sheepish) Oh, a'ah
Okay fine, sesudahnya drama di kaunter tersebut, maka duduklah kami anak-beranak di kerusi menunggu. It was only then that I glanced at my number, as in angka giliran berjumpa doctor. It's 2112, and the patient the doctor is seeing right now is only number 2101. Okay, so ada dalam 11 orang lagi, roughly 20 minutes per person, I have almost 2 hours to wait for my turn. Oka.... WHATTTT??? TIGA JAM? Klinik ni hire specialist ke ape kena tunggu lama tu? But still, I gave them benefit of the doubt, and thought that maybe the doctor can speed things up with patients like; "Patient: Doktor, saya rasa saya selsema lah. Doktor: Nah, amik piriton, main jauh-jauh." BUT NO.... I have to hand it to the doctor. That night, she was the consummate professional and saw each one of the 11 patients before us for no less than 20 minutes. Melanguk aku tunggu tak de apa nak buat.

But, that's still okay. Because bored as I may be and sick as the Littles may be, at least ada TV. Dan walaupun TV tu tunjuk cerita Nilapura yang aku tak pernah tengok/dengar selama hari ni, aku boleh follow gak la... Episod malam tersebut mengisahkan ada sorang mamat kena bunuh dek bapak dia yang gila kuasa nak jadi raja pastu bapak dia kata kat anak perempuan dia (bini anak dia yang dia bunuh tu) yang suami dia kena baham dek rimau. Anak perempuan dia tengah ngandung, pastu masa tu, anak perempuan dia tengah jahit-jahit baju baby (Oh ya, Nilapura ni cerita jaman dahulu kala tau, jadi semua old-fashioned lah kononnya, ala-ala Laksamana Do Re Mi etc). Pastu sebenarnya suami tu tak mati pun, dia diselamatkan oleh seorang disfigured mysterious figure, dum dum dummmm (music horror sendiri buat). Kesimpulan cerita, cerita bengong tah kenapa dapat slot prime time, Kak Jah pun tak tahu. APA PUN TAK BOLEH.

Baiklah, mari kembali ke cerita asal. 

Dah lah aku kena tunggu lama. Pastu ramai orang. Pastu cerita ntah apa-apa, BUT the worst is yet to come. Sepanjang kehidupan aku sebagai orang dan jugak mak orang, inilah pengalaman ke klinik yang paling teruk pernah aku lalui. You know what was the worst part? Not too long after we got in, registered and all that, in came these two guys carrying these drills. You know what they were about to do? THEY WERE ABOUT TO DRILL HOLES IN THE FRIGGIN CLINIC (oooo, big surprise, I know, what else would you be doing if you walked into a clinic with a drill, right?) Whaddafak weiiii? BISING and BINGIT and OMG!!! I cannot even begin to describe the ordeal. Dahlah anak-anak sakit, merengek tak selesa. Dengan penat tunggu turn. Dengan ramai orang lalu lalang. Dengan terpaksa tengok cerita bodoh Nilapura tu kat TV sebab remote tak de kat aku! TAMBAH LAGI SATU MASALAH, drill tengah-tengah keributan tu.

I mean, come on lah. Drill tu soal hidup dan mati ke? Pentadbir klinik tu tak boleh nak kenalpasti ke, which day and which hour that they have the least amount of patients? Aku tahulah klinik kau tu laku, tapi agak-agaklah der, aku jotos kau nanti baru kau tahu. COME ON LAH. Orang sakit makin jadi sakit tahu tak?

Okay, so some of you might wonder, kenapa tak walk out aje? Kenapa tak keluar je dari klinik tu? Bukan bayar pun kan? The thing is, by that time (by the time they started drilling and all), patient #2109 was up, so that means our turn was not that far away. Plus we've waited so long already! Tapi sementara nak tunggu turun kitorang tu, HAZAB lah kan.

So now, needless to say, I will never, unless under extreme emergency or circumstances, EVER, go to Klinik Idzham lagi.

extra prescription. Anybody knows any good clinic area Gombak yang carry ING Insurance?

additional prescription. Doctor kasi anak-anak aku antibiotik, sebab dia kata dah lama sangat batuk. Aku tak kasi pun antibiotik tu kat the Littles. Heh. MOTHER KNOWS BEST. Pastu Little Hero dapat ubat batuk (asthma - 'thanks' Papa! ) + demam as well and Little Miss dapat ubat batuk (non-asthma). Ubat bongok2. AKU MARAH. Pernah nampak naga taip blog?

extra-additional prescription. Did I mention that we only saw the doctor for less than 15 minutes? HARAMJADAH!!!

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