Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An Early-ish Wednesday Morning Post

I know I should be limiting my postings based on significant events in my life. That should be the idea. And to tell the truth, there ain't much things significant going on right now. So, why am I writing?

But then again, I am currently toying with the idea of either a) jumping ships i.e., looking for another job; or b) staying here and pursuing my Master's degree. Either way, I'd definitely do my Master's.

If I stay here and slug it out another year or so, then I can study here for free, though they do not offer Mass Comm courses (but that is yet to be seen, they may in the future). But if it was up to me, I'd like to pursue my Master's at my alma mater, UiTM. I just love it there. Part of my heart will always be with UiTM.

Here's the thing that's making me confused. Apparently, there's a recession going on. Or is going to happen. Personally, I don't really feel anything (yet?), so I dunno. So, spending about RM1,000 per semester for my studies may be a bit of a problem if I were to go to UiTM. But I read in Yahoo! HotJobs, now's the best time to invest in an education.

And, we've yet to buy the car. The proper family car. The MPV of our dreams. And me, I'm supposed to go and get a driver's license so Papa don't have to drive me around everywhere. So, tack that on top of all the other expenses we have, is this the right direction I should be going?

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