Thursday, November 27, 2008

Life in the Not-So-Fast Lane

Been a blurry and boring week. Nothing exciting happens. Boo-hoo. I dunno la. Mungkin dah overkill dengan semua exciting things yang jadik last week, so this week is a dead week. Demmit.

One ray of sunshine, a brand new addition to our family.

Meet my HTC TyTN II. I'm calling her... err... actually, I dunno what to call her. Call her my PDA? Nah, too boring. My handphone, that's just wrong, cos she is a PDA. I dunno people, what does she look like to you?

Maybe I should call her orgasm. Ooh.

ps. Sorry for being a tech geek. :-P . Maybe if I rajin, then got review, okay? No promises.

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