Monday, March 9, 2009

The Trying Tiring Weekend

It's another 3-day weekend here in Malaysia again. But far from having a restful, fruitful weekend, I think I am more tired, exhausted and burnt out. And this coming from someone who had a 4-day weekend. *sigh*. You know the saying, the person who needs vacation the most is the person who just got home from one? I can totally relate.

Stop envying my vacation. I did not go anywhere. I was home. Friday - took care of the kids, 'cos my mother (who usually takes care of them went to Singapore to see some relatives). Saturday + Sunday - usual weekend off. Monday - public holiday, Prophet Muhammad PBUH's birthday.

I am trying very hard to not be angry. To not be negative. To remind myself, there is always, ALWAYS, a hikmah behind everything. But I can't help for being a human. I am royally pissed. I planned to do my assignments this weekend. I planned to catch up on my reading for my Masters. I planned a lot of fucking things that didn't get done because SOMEBODY thinks her plan is bigger than others.

Fuck you. I am angry. Let me be angry and if I were to burn in hell for being this angry (and tired and hungry and sleepy) then so fucking be it.

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