Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buang Masa

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I just spent part of my morning watching KL Gangster. Partly out of curiousity. Mostly out of wanting to see Aaron Aziz in action. I should’ve just remained an ignorant. Nasib baik aku tengok kat Youtube.

Okay, if I can sum it up as simple as possible, KL Gangster is a so-called gangster, action movie , made by an uninformed (or rather, misinformed) nerd. Yes, I am calling you out, Shamsul Yusuf. KAU SEBENARNYA BUDAK NERD YANG TAK COOL TAPI PERASAN COOL SEBAB TU KAU BUAT FILEM GANGSTER YANG KAU PIKIR GANAS GILA, MACAM BETUL2 GANGSTER2 KL PERANGAI MACAM TU. Berapa sen kau punya research, Shamsul oi!


Bagero betul.



Anonymous said...

havent seen this but most of my friends who have told me that it's not that good. havent got a lesson to share. yet. =) i like your bg. hehe. cute.

the hun said...

unless you are a diehard aaron aziz fan, then i'd say it's prolly not worth it.. tunggu je la time raya.. maybe watching it with a crowd will give a different feel..

and the bg is a favourite of mine too, for obvious reasons, thanks!

stuck said...

I think i will remain an ignorant hahahaha

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