Friday, February 24, 2012

Suicide Note

What if things were so bad (or that you think things were so bad) that you feel like there's no way out? Like the only escape route you can see is killing yourself?

Suicide is and always will be a sensitive subject to me. I will not delve further, but let me just say this first. In no way am I condoning suicide. I am not saying that if things go bad, killing yourself is an option. It's just that, I can understand how fragile our state of mind can be, how vulnerable our state of faith can get, that we would consider it. Suicide.

So, what if things were that bad? And you decide to end it all? Please don't think of me as morbid. I am merely thinking about what my last thoughts would be. And inevitably, the writer in me, pondered about what I would write on my suicide note.

Should I be apologetic? Should I justify my actions? Or should I just tell everyone I love them but this is just too big for me to handle?

What would you say?

Is this truly food for thought, or am I being morbid and emotional today?

ps. Iye, aku tahulah murtad seorang muslim yang bunuh diri. Apa yang aku cakapkan ni bukan pasal bunuh diri per se, I am talking about that note. About the thoughts that's running through one's mind when contemplating and even committing the act.

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