Wednesday, February 18, 2009

List of Five

Here are the rules.

Five celebrities. Anybody goes. If you wanna add the ones that have passed away, go ahead, you sick necrophiliac weirdo!!! (Okay, actually, my original list got the late Heath Ledger in it, but since he's passed, well, I decided to just let the poor guy rest).

Anyways, the idea is to have five celebrities you'd have sex with if ever you get the chance.

You cannot change the list in instances like, you have Brendan Fraser on your list (number 5 or something), and then somehow, you happened to pick up Nick Carter hitchhiking. You cannot, just bump off Brendan off your list just to add Nick, okay? Other instances of bumping off names will be decided upon case by case basis.

Also, you cannot leave one spot empty to fill up "when the time comes"! All names must be filled. Must.

My list?

Huhu. Here we go!
1. Johnny Depp
2. Keanu Reeves

3. Patrick Dempsey

4. Simon Baker

5. Wentworth Miller

Honourable mentions - Jensen Ackels, Hugh Jackman, Orlando Bloom (not the blonde haired one, the dark haired Bloom!) and Sirius Black (yes, from Harry Potter, not Gary Oldman, I'd do Sirius, cos he's dark and brooding!).

All the guys I like are more or less dark haired, for the exception of Simon Baker, 'cos curly blonde hair is too blardy cute! And all the guys I like are mostly dark and brooding -- too serious and intense. Ooooh. Heheh.

Indulge me once in a while, okay?

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