Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Antara Dua Darjat

Look at my blogroll. The one on your left that says "The Readings...", you dope. Okay, now in that blogroll, I've included a few blogs that I have followed quite regularly. Blogs that I like. Blogs that makes me laugh. One is a blog of a mommy goddess on prescribed drugs at times. One is a girl who's kickass funny and has a sunny attitude. Three are socio-political blogger who are actually too much of de riguer of late that I'm even considering to remove them from the blogroll, but I love them too blardy much lah. One is another funny fler, and I like him and what he's saying.

The remaining two... Now, they are the fun ones. One of my friend hopped on this blog yesterday and shared with me his thoughts (actually, it was more like his surprise). It went something like this...

HIM : Babe, I know you, so I get the Mamat Khalid link. But Yasmin?
ME : What the hell you talking about?
HIM : What's with Yasmin on your blogroll?
ME : I like her, what?
HIM : HAH! Yeah right.
ME : I do! I like Mukhsin.
HIM : Babe, you love Nina Simone. By virtue, you like Mukhsin lah. Mana pernah filem Malaysia guna Nina Simone as soundtrack.
ME : Not true! Not true! I suka keroncong what???
HIM : Oh, fug off! That doesn't mean you like her, right?
ME : Fug you! I do like Yasmin.
HIM : And besides, Mamat and Yasmin is like... antara dua darjat.
ME : Apekah?

So apparently, my blogroll is now a standing testament that I am indecisive. That I can't decide if I want to be the cool, cultured, artsy fartsy courtesan (chewah, chewah, courtesan siot... tergugat laki aku). Or if I want to be the sarcastic, funny, smart-ass, ghetto kid who gets it all.

I dunno. Which one do you think I am?

Oh, Nina, Nina, Nina... look what you've gotten myself into???

Nina Simone - I Put a Spell on You
Found at bee mp3 search engine

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