Thursday, March 17, 2011



I am a Facebook addict. Okay, there you go. I admitted it. Can we move on now?

Anyways, part of this particular addiction sees me looking at the random stuff my friends post. Today is like many other days, I clicked on a video a friend posted.

For the first time in my Facebooking years, I regretted that.

Usually, my friends posts funny stuff. Like, who else would post a random, Monty Python Spam skit other than my friend, right? Who else would post random Duran Duran song and tag me as well, right?

And then along comes this particular video that in all honesty, still bothers me until this moment (at about half an hour after watching it). I will not post the link of that video nor embed it in this post. Suffice to say, the video is about this little kid, who was basically being a jerk and bullying this other kid, who was older than him. Okay, little kid was a jerk, total jerk, even punching the other kid in the face and the older kid did not retaliate right until the little kid got right up to his nose. And then the big kid fought back. He slammed the little kid/bully to the ground.

I couldn't fight the *gasp* that came when I saw the victim flung the little kid (the bully) to the ground. The bully couldn't even walk straight after that. I am no medical expert, but can't shake the feeling that something broke due to the slam, maybe the kid's leg, a rib or something.

I am a parent. Of course I don't condone bullying. I don't want to talk about these two kids. They are kids. Most probably, with the right kind of help and guidance, they will be better adults.

What got to me, was how on the Youtube page for this particular video and even in the comments in my friend's wall post of this video, people were making light of that incident. Jokes like, "Don't make me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry" or "The little jerk deserved it" etc, were aplenty. It made me *gasped* once more.

Seriously, have we come to this? I don't care if the little twerp deserved it or not, I don't care if the big victim was provoked to the point of retaliation, it's a SICKENING video, pure and simple. It is not a showcase of a bully-victim's comeuppance, it is a filthy video of violence. It is a video of violence with kids in them, with kids being the perpetrator, with kids being the cameraperson, and most probably with kids uploading the video for adults consumption. Adults whose response include "hahaha true, year 10 should of gotten a parade or something". WTF people?

I truly don't know how this should be handled. Or rather, I know how this should be handled but I doubt that's going to work. This video should not be uploaded at all. It should not have been viewed by so many people for so long. It should not be responded with "man i could watch that little wigger get slammed on the ground a good infintie times" or even "It's a shame the little weed didn't land on his head and die."

It's a video of a young kid, who just didn't know any better, bullying a bigger kid, who has had enough and retaliated. In a normal, day to day circumstance, if any of us adult were confronted with this situation, we would react differently. We would probably be more rational. Why is it then, when we are alone, in front of our computer monitor and with our keyboard, we become desensitized human beings?

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gazeallyouwant said...

I watched that video too.. bullying shouldn't be practice in any form; verbally or physically. Hope everyone will learn from it.


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