Monday, March 7, 2011


Penat. Sangat-sangat penat. Unbendingly penat. Not the penat that is associated with burnt-out, overworked, I-need-to-check-in-to-a-rehab kind of penat. Tapi physically penat. As in, my lower back is about to give up holding me up straight anymore kind of penat.

I need a break. Seriously. A seriously, effingly epic long break. Away from all this crap I've been calling work for the past 3 months. Unbelievable. It's been only 3 months and 2011 may seem to be my undoing.

Now I am assigned to this project where I'm supposed to be the ID. Don't ask me what's an ID, I'm sure it's explanation is somewhere in this blog. But to make things clear, ID is part of the design team and the design I am involved in is the design of the words, sentence and semantics. Okay, so I'm making a creative project sound like a science experiment. In my exhausted state of mind, I can't think that straight.

So anyways. I am creative person. I say that with the greatest confidence because I am creative. I work wonders with my hands (not ala Nina Sayers, cue eeeeewww). But yeah, I make cards, I doodle (although not that successfully, still, I can safely say I can at least, draw a straight line), I saw stuff and I write. Beautifully at times. Creatively at one point and the next. Agaknyalah. I'd like to think so.

I like to use words especially, for impact. Normal words. Not a single bombastic words. And I love periods. The dots between the words that I string together. Most of the time, the period has even more impact than all the words I put together. Sometimes, the whole nuance of my writing hinges on that tiny dot that separates my thoughts, the normal from the abnormal, the ordinary to the extraordinary.

But people don't get that.

That I get tired too.


Aunty Nat said...

Hi, just blog hopping, interesting blog site you have here

Aries said...

Hope life will treat you much better soon

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