Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hate Me Today, Love Me Tomorrow

I have a love-hate relationship with my job. No, actually, I love my job. The pay, not so much, but the job is just the right amount of challenge and chill time for me. The upper-echelons here however, is a different story altogether.

I also happen to like working for my direct boss. Crazy at times, undecipherable mostly, but I like working with him. Most importantly, I like to work for him. However, again, the upper-echelons here is a different story altogether.

Ours is not the most traditional set-up for institutions in our field. Even my particular unit was one of kind until not too long ago. The sub-unit I'm under is an even newer, hybrid creature. We're kinda winging it here, you know? We have no idea if what we're doing is right, so yeah, who's to say what we're doing is wrong, kan?

Anyways, in my previous employment, it took me less than a year to get to this point. This point up to here *forefinger levels horizontally a pinch under the hair/tudungline*. And I started writing fiction. Then it was about some off-tangent storyline derived from Bleach, my favourite manganime of all time (I hate Ichigo, but I love Byakuya and whatshisface the funky redhaired dude).

So guess what I'm doing now? 10 points for guessing "writing fiction with Ryan Reynolds as your source of inspiration"!

I am pathetic. Get me out of here. Pwease?

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