Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is It Too Much to Ask?

I am human. I get angry too. I get that.

And I do acknowledge of the times when I am confronted with excellent customer service. I shall endeavor more to document those instances diligently henceforth.

Okay, enough with that. Here's what happened. This afternoon, my friends and I were at the Maxis Centre in KLCC (okay, so I don't the actual name of the place, but you get my drift, right?). One friend has been harping for a while about getting some sort of e-book or pdf reader thingymajiggie, so that she can read her e-books on the go. Of course the suggestions of Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad came up, but cheapskate that she was, she refused.

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Anyways, back at the Maxis Centre. We were there for quite a bit, waiting for a friend who wanted to cancel her broadband account. While waiting, I noticed something that looked like the 'tab' pc on display, but since it was facing another direction, I did not get a clear picture of the said 'tab'. Okay fine. Moving on. I told the other friend who wanted the e-book reader about the 'tab' on display, and she wanted to go and see the display.

We waited for the other friend to finish, and once she does, we made our way out, which meant we will pass the 'tab' on display. We looked at it, tapped the surface and all that, and not much happened. It was neither Samsung Galaxy Tab or iPad, it was some sort of tablet pc from HTC. I myself am using HTC Wildfire, so I thought, okay, so I can figure this out (maybe, I dunno, somehow, I was that confident on my IT abilities, one of those rare moments of nerdy, tech-geek self-confidence, you know...). Nothing much happens as we explore though (pah! So much for confidence).

Along came this salesperson. It was a guy. His name is Fairuz (I am not sure of the actual spelling, the name was something my friend managed to catch from his name tag). I don't remember exactly what transpired, but my friend who was looking for the e-book reader thingy asked this Fairuz 'fler, "Can this 'tab' read pdf files?" Fairuz quickly answered no.

Okay, now that's weird, because little as I know about IT, I think that smartphones nowadays can read pdf files. So I made a very frowny, weirded out face and said, "Really? Cannot read pdf files? You sure?" I wasn't being a bitch, I was honestly trying to find out if that is the case. And you know what Fairuz said, VERY RUDELY the 'fler was like, "You explore lah sendiri. Tap-tap je. Slide kiri kanan," (Translation : You can go and explore yourself. Just tap and slide left and right.)

Now, thing is, I have a very high tolerance for CRAPPY ATTITUDE. I can tolerate people being STUPID. But seriously, dude? WTF??? Kau ingat kau bagus sangat ke nak KOJAQ ngan CUSTOMER?

I don't get people who does customer service, but have poor people skills. Like I said earlier, yes, I get it, maybe we just got him at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Fairuz is just human, he gets angry too. But seriously, none of us were hostile. We were basically looking at something we could potentially BUY, but thanks to one very RUDE Fairuz (muka macam mamak2 sikit, FYI) in Maxis KLCC, that ain't gonna happen.

You happy now, Fairuz?


Ladynoe™ said...

selalunya kalau staf customesr service, lelaki, yang kerek, samada pondan, bapuk, atau gay.


the hun said...

mungkin dia gay. pastu sentap sebab kitorang datang selekeh2, larilah2 customer2 gagah perkasa dia... *__*

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