Monday, June 6, 2011

There is Hope After All..

Nope, that's not my current celebrity crush. That's Timothy Ray Brown, a man from the US who used to have HIV but now his HIV has disappeared.

Say what?

Yup, apparently, what happened was, Timothy had both leukemia and HIV. To treat his leukemia, his doctors did a bone-marrow transplant from a random donor. Just FYI, the whole transplant thing happened in Berlin, Germany. Anyways, just so happened, the random donor is actually immune to HIV.

Say what?

Yup, apparently, you can be immune to HIV and AIDS. Experts say it's because of some hereditary genetic make-up that those immune receive from their ancestors. Somehow, once upon time, a long, long time ago, these ancestors SURVIVED HIV and/or AIDS or something similar, thus making about 1 percent of Caucasians genetically-wired to be HIV and AIDS-proof.


Okay, back to Tim. After he had the transplant, to the amazement of his doctor(s), his HIV seemed to disappear and the virus is not seemed to be replicating, meaning, there are no new viruses being made.

Do you want to know where I get this piece of news? Why, from Yahoo! of course! And to think I went there to look at who's on omg!'s What Were They Thinking?! list.

The World Wide Web never cease to amaze me.

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