Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh So Drama

It's my routine to wake up at around 5.45 am to get ready every morning. My routine would include prying Little Miss from her bed, asking her to bath and reminding her to brush her teeth. Then I will prepare breakfast, soft-boiled eggs and drinks (me, hubs - coffee, Little Miss - her Sustagen Choc drink). Then I will go and bath and solat and get ready for work. Routine. Reliable, boring, repetitive routine.

My phone is my alarm. I usually set it at 5.30 am, then snooze it when it rings. 10 minutes after that, the alarm will sound again, and depending on the time I fell asleep last night, I will either shut/snooze the alarm or haul my lazy ayce out of bed. Today was one of the good days. The alarm rang, I snoozed once (out of habit) but even before the snooze alarm went off, I was up and taking a bath already.

While in the shower, I can hear the blardy alarm going off again. Dang! Forgot to turn my fail-safe alarms, set at 5.45 am. But hubs was around. Still asleep, so I thought he'll just shut it off while brushing my teeth. But as I was shampooing my hair, the alarm was still blaring. At first I was like, pissed off. Tidur mati lah tu, I thought. I continued to wash off the shampoo and still the alarm was blaring away. Bangunlah Little Hero nanti, I grumbled, this time feeling like dashing out the bathroom in my towel to shut the damned thing off.

But then, tiba-tiba I was like, eh, napa tak bangun-bangun ni? Mati ke ape laki aku ni? Yes, in retrospect, I was being quite the drama queen in the shower this morning. Thoughts flashed in my head, of me wearing black, of Little Hero running around like his normal active self, oblivious of the tragedy, of Little Miss growing up without her dad.

I hurriedly washed off the remnants of soap and shampoo, wrapped the towel around me, didn't even bother to dry myself and stepped out of the bathroom, half expecting (dreading?) trying to shake awake a cold and el muerta hubs. As soon as I neared the bed, hubs actually stirred and in his blurred, sleepy, half-awake state, looked at my dripping-wet self, AND BLARDY WENT BACK TO SLEEP! He didn't even bother to switch off the still-blaring alarm!

I stood there for a few more seconds, part angry, part relieved and part swallowing my own laughter and stupidity and thanked Allah for another day with my hubs. With all my loved ones.

extra prescription. I don't know what made me so sure hubs will go first. Jangan-jangan aku yang mati dulu -_-.

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