Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Kind of a Mother are You???

No, this is not the quiz-type thing, at the end of which you'll receive a reinforcement saying that you are the bladibla kind of mother etc.

This is another one of my famous rantings (eh, famous ke?).

Okay, digress kejap. I know somebody suggested that I should not write based on emotions, but being a writer myself, I have found that emotions do help writing. Rage for instance, especially my brand of rage and anger, if stoked properly and let simmer for a while, can turn into a whole blog entry without my fingers ever leaving the keyboard.

Anyways, let's get back to that parenting stuff yar?

Okay, so I frequent this kinda, sorta cool online forum for parents. I am not gonna name names or put links or whatever. And at this kinda, sorta cool online forum for parents, there are a lot of young parents, sharing their stories, their tips etc with each other. Okay fine. Nothing impressive. Run of the mill kind of thing.

But what got to me the most was how absurd things can get there. One fella started a topic asking where he can get his pregnant wife an 'anti-radiation' maternity dress. At first I was like, got meh? And then I thought, his pregnant wife probably work as something that exposes her to all sorts of radiation. Then as I read on, I found out his wife works with the computer on all the time.

Oh. My. Gucci.

Perlu ke?

Okay, so nobody took the guy seriously. Most were replying with, might as well you take away the cellphones, TV. Some were pointing out, wifis are everywhere anyhow, and cell phone waves or what not. How to account for that radiation exposure?

Me, I was busy imagining myself clad in a haz-mat suit, sitting my pregnant butt in front of the computer typing away.
Houston, we've got a problem (Image Source)

Okay, different suit. But you got my point, right?

Then, upon exploration in another topic, a young stay-at-home-mom actually laments the fact that her father- and mother-in-law fed her baby durian. She says that the in-laws are not respecting her wishes by feeding her baby durian. Mind you, I don't think her baby is newborn, as in, any younger than 2 months old or anything like that. And yet, that's her grief with her father and mother in law. Feeding her baby boy durian.
BAAAAAAADDD Durian. (Source)

What the fark lah wei? Seriously? Cannot eat durian? What in the world lah wei? I can understand if it was junk food, Twisties ke or maybe even chocolate, but durian? Babies cannot eat durian? Mind you, I seriously doubt the father- and mother-in-law of this particular young mom fed the baby the WHOLE God-damned fruit, the most maybe seulas. Itu pun mau kecoh ka?

Seriously. Welcome to 21st century parenting. Where moms are expected to wear biohazard suits and babies cannot eat durians. Nice place eh? Where do I check out?

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