Friday, February 25, 2011

Sini Tak Ada Hantu


Translation:"Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah. Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured."
Surah Ar-Ra'd, verse 28

I am not the most religious person here. I am sure you have a better relationship with your God than I do with mine, because most of the time, I remember him only at my own convenience. Or when I am too deep in misery and there's simply nowhere else to turn to but to Him. But Merciful Lord that He is, He never turns away from me, Alhamdulillah.

I do, however, have that very same verse taped at the of my monitor. I stumbled upon it, reading the many status updates of my friends. The verse is my daily reminder that to be at peace with things, I need to go back to Him, because only by remembering Him will "hearts are assured" or, according to another translation, "hearts do find their rest."

I need that reminder because I am control freak. I sweat the small stuff. Although I know it's the small stuff that counts, I don't think I should make a concious decision to sweat on the small stuff, right? But freak that I am, I do. I sweat the friggin' small stuff, so much so that I may give myself high blood pressure before 30. So from time to time, I am reminded to remember Him and my heart, insyAllah will find rest.

Not to digress or anything (I promise this has a huge relationship with the verse I shared earlier), but the office I work in is an old building. It was build probably in the 60s or 70s. The company has done it's share of renovation and modernization so our office is pretty decent. However, in Malaysia, we are a very superstitious lot. Oftentimes, I get to hear all this creepy ghost stories about my colleagues' encounter with the not-so-fairer kind.

Okay, in all fairness, I have my suspicions. Personally, I do believe in the supernatural. But do I believe that 'they' can harm us? I don't think so. I personally believe that 'they' have as much power as we give to them. From time to time, I do get goosebumps out of nowhere. I have that uncanny feeling that somebody's watching over my shoulder, you know the drill. But so far, Alhamdulillah, no alarming encounters, knock on wood (uh-oh, Christian-originated saying, habislah aku masuk nuraka).

Colleagues have mentioned, that apparently, my cubicle is a hot seat, as in, a favourite place for these apparition to appear. One colleague has told me that she saw "me" sitting at the desk when I am not around. This colleague has undergone major brain surgery and has a titanium plate in her cranium, I kid you not, so I just smile and nod when she told me the story.

So enter another colleague. Who came over to my place one day, not too long after I pasted the above-mentioned verse to my monitor. She saw the verse, came closer and read it. She looked at me, dead straight in the eye, and asked, "Ini ayat halau hantu ke?"

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