Thursday, December 30, 2010


Sometimes, you just met somebody and you thought, "Hey, this person is cool. We clicked. We would be totally awesome friends."

And you think, being awesome friends with each other constitutes doing absolutely all the random, funny things that got you attracted to that new awesome friend in the first place. Because you think that you are also awesome that way.

Turns out you're not.

Talk about awkward.

Talk about painful to watch.

extra prescription. Don't mind the nonsensicaliciousness (it's not a word, I know, but then again, neither is refudiate, and look where that word got her) of this post, I was just venting off some steam. And no, the entry is not about me, it's about something in the vicinity.

extra prescription, if you take this you'll be on an overdose. little Miss is going for her orientation tomorrow. Already I have request from as far London for pictorial evidence. The Hubs is lucky if I don't break down and cry in front of all the teachers and the parents. And the kids. Haih.

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