Thursday, December 9, 2010

Make me care, dammit!

Dear all, I've gotten to that stagnant point again. A point where I feel downright trapped. In routine. In the same things that I have to do again and again and again and again. I am looking for a challenge, yet I have yet to find one. I am looking for excitement from my work, but I have yet to experience any. I am, in short, stuck in a rut.

Work is abundant. Aplenty. Me? I no longer go the extra mile. I have gotten to the point of "Why the hell should I care?" People with lesser commitment and dedication are scraping by, some are even faring better than me. So why should I care??

Maybe I am making excuses. Of my laziness. Of my procrastination. Of my refusing to do work. Of my endless hours of surfing Craig Ferguson and Robin Williams on YouTube. Of my addiction to Facebook and Mafia Wars. Maybe, I dunno.

Last time I felt like this, I jumped ships. But I have to share one positive note though. Before this, it took me only months to reach this abysmal point. Here, at least it took me some years. So maybe I am moving towards the right direction?

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