Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Little Miss Grows Up #001

Family time looms ahead. It's the school holidays finally for the little Miss, who 'graduated' from her kindy last Saturday. She was kinda bewildered. When I asked her if there's anyone else she wants to take photos with, she just shook her head no, saying let's just eat and take photos later at school. I told her she won't be going to the kindy anymore next year, she looks at me wide-eyed, asked in a semi-horrified voice,"But why?" Like maybe, she did something wrong. Like maybe, she was EXPELLED. From her kindy. ZOMG!

I explained to her, you're going to big girl's school next year. The school we bought the uniforms for. The school we bought you the flowery school bag for (Oy vey, that shopping adventure, I tell you! Nightmare!). This seems to settle her down -- Okay, so we're still going to school, just a different school, right? Ohkay...

Then I explained again, Teacher Janice won't be there anymore. Alisha won't be there, Arfah won't be there, Danish won't be there, Farid Aiman won't be there. All your friends won't be there (please don't imagine the Grinch while reading that, I was not trying to scare the little Miss, I was trying to explain the situation to her). She just looked at me quizzically and nodded.

I looked at the hubs and he was busy eating.


Little Miss is growing up.

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