Monday, December 13, 2010


Woots! Okay, now I am back to blogging most of the time. Mostly because after months of tinkering with the new thingamajiggies features blogger added to make blogspot layouts much, much more easier to customize, I have finally settled on a look I am happy with.

However, let me warn you to not be fooled by the pink and baby blue colour combo that I am currently using. I finally used these look and background image and colours because at least they're not that straining to the eyes. I am not and probably never will be a girly girl. I am no Fluffy Spice.

Think Sporty Spice. Think Mia Hamm. Think Wonderwoman. Preferrably on steroids.

Image source

But you know what. It might just be the dormant pretty pink princess in me tryinna get out. Awwww. Errr.. *shudders*.

Maybe not.

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