Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Got Mirror?

We went to IKEA for dinner today. The hubs had a new office party he wanted to go to. Mak tagged along 'cos she haven't been to IKEA for quite a bit. I was working, so the whole tour bus came and picked me up from work and off we went to IKEA.

Once there, the hubs went for the party. Me, the kids and Mak went jalan2 inside through the showroom, daydreaming how that sofa would look in our hall, how that kitchen cabinet could fit in the house, you know, the usual IKEA activities.

After a bit of sightseeing and window-shopping, the hubs called and said he wanted to take the kids with him to the party. The kids changed hands. Mak and I made our way to the cafetaria for dinner. Bought some baked chicken leg or something. The mash that came with that dish WAS TO DIE FOR!! I can eat bucketloads of the mash, it was so yummeh!

So anyways, that's not the point of this entry (what's the point of anything anyways?). The point of this entry is that, while eating, there were two guys sitting next to us. Suddenly came this couple, the girl came straight to the next table and was like hugging and kissing one of the guys sitting there. Maybe they were long lost friends. Not far behind was the boyfriend. Here he is.
'Sup foo
(Image Source)

Okay, I can probably put up with the outfit, baggy this and that. I don't really mind that. And at least the boi ain't got no grillz or blings, so I'mma give him props for that, y'all. But by God, if you gonna be dressed like a douche, please don't wear punch-inducing cap as well. Say hello to his cap.
Please. Punch. Me.
(Image Source)

FYI, the word 'lansi' on the cap roughly means show-off in some Chinese dialect. It's basically a household term, even for some of the non-Chinese people in Malaysia. "Wah-lao, you buy new car, Ferrari summore, you lansi meh!"

Okay, fine, I am for freedom of self-expression and all that. This person can, for all I care, announce that he is a douche for all to see. He can wear what he wants to wear, whenever he wants to wear. But really nigga, if you look like this...

'Sup foo.

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