Friday, December 24, 2010

Little Miss and her Youtube Obsession

Little Miss is 6. She has a Facebook account and she surfs Youtube. Yes, we monitor her and yes, we have filters set on our PC. She plays games on Facebook. Pet Society, Farmville, Countryville, Petville, Yoville and a host of other games she explores herself. I kid you not. The only game I taught her to play was Pet Society.

You see, she caught me playing Pet Society and whenever Mama was not looking, she would play my Pet Society on my Facebook account. This I don't mind. What I do mind was when she began to post nonsensical, unintelligible status update. So I opened her a gmail account and set up her Facebook account specifically for playing Pet Society. Little did I know that she managed to explore the plethora of other games available. Now, her wall is inundated with numerous "Help me plant my trees" or "Find my pet for me" or "Help me build a stronger sorority" (What in the world? I know!)

From Facebook and Facebook games, little Miss now has ventured into Youtube. She has not figured out how to use the webcam to shoot videos yet, so she's not uploading videos (yet). But she watches tonnes of videos, mostly songs or music video clips on her own. From time to time, you can hear her singing to Wondergirls' Nobody or Little Mermaid's Under the Sea. Okay, I admit, I may have started this obsession as well, because I was the one who showed her how to access Youtube and searched for videos. Once upon a time, not so quite long ago, I opened the Dancing Queen video from Mamma Mia! so we can dance and sing along, just for fun, and I guess she's hooked on it since.

So this is one of her favourite songs at the moment. And like it or not, little Hero is hooked on it to.

"If you cannot sing then hum along!"

So there.

ps. BTW, did you know that Amy Adams was on Smallville once upon a time? I LOVE HER!

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