Thursday, December 16, 2010

Glowing Personality

I am almost thirty, yes, almost, as of 2011, I only have one more year to go before I enter the 3-series threshold, ooh joy.

I have two kids. One is an almost primary-schooling girl. One is a precocious almost three-year-old boy.

You'd think my hormones have figured themselves out by now, right? EKKK. Think again.

I have acne on a daily basis. One dies, another one comes up. And sometimes, my acne decides to go all Italian mob on me. Whenever I poke or squeeze one of them, a whole bunch of pimples of the Italian mob kind assaults my face. I think they're all there for cousin Acne Carmine funeral or something.

I have tried a lot of different facial wash, moisturizers, acne ointments, to no avail. I have tried the top of line stuff, for eg. Biotherm, then I tried stuff somewhere in the middle, like Body Shop and even cheapo ones like Everclear and Safi. Some of them work, for a few days or weeks at best. Most of them don't.

Now, I am trying a birth control pill that can supposedly help with acne. Apparently it also helps for women with chest hair (what in the world...). Apparently one of the side effects is having murderous mood swing.

Yes people, I will easily bite your head off if you piss me off because I am on this crazy-ass birth control pill meant to help me with acne.

Or maybe that's just my glowing and warm personality.

Wanna test your luck?

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