Friday, December 12, 2008

Be Ye Not So Stupid

Although my archive might mislead you, I am not new to blogging. I am seasoned enough to know that if I want to start a "hate" blog, I should stay anonymous. No easy feat, I tell ya. It's hard for me not to divulge information that is relevant to my stories cos they may reveal who I am. It is also hard for me not to link my stuff to, oh, I dunno, every other virtual playground I hang around in.

My "hate" blog may contain rants and raves about work, and I can get into deep shite if I am to reveal myself. Can you imagine, on my bad days, calling my boss dickhead and then getting fired for it? Hey, look, I love her*, and she may be my idol when it comes to blogging, but I refuse to be dooced. Hell noooo. I love my job too much, and I refuse to be punished just because I get irritable and annoyed and sensitive once in a while.

My hate blog may also contain information about family member(s) who just can't help but to piss me off from time to time. I love them (with the exception of one), but I just want to strangle them from time to time, ya know? I ain't no saint. So, unsurprisingly, I wholly agree when Susan Shapiro, a Manhattan journalism professor who wrote for New York Times, Washington Post etc, said “Some names and identifying characteristics of people portrayed in this book have been obscured so they won’t divorce, disown, hate, kill or sue me.” (I found that quote here).

So, to those of you who have to know who I really am, I'm sorry, this blog is not for you. At least for the time being. Happy reading anyways!

*No, she is not my boss.

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