Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sungguh Marah #001

Saya sungguh marah. SUNGGUH. DAMN RIGHT, saya marah. Kenapa saya marah? Sebab saya dah penat-penat buat kerja, dok kejar sana-sini nak dapatkan guest besar tu, tetiba, bila dah dapat guest besar tu, macam sial, kena pegi tempat lain dan tak boleh join nak interview orang besar tu. DAMN RIGHT I AM PISSED OFF.

I am pissed off at my boss, for not sticking up for me. Fight for my right to be there lah! Why should someone else do what I started? Okay, fine, so maybe part of me is angry because this is something out of the ordinary. Something yang glamor lah kot? Something yang tak semua orang dapat buat. Damn right I'm pissed not able to be a part of that. Tapi what pisses me off more, is that I took the initiative to make the first move! Orang lain tak bergerak lansung pun. Tiba-tiba, orang lain yang dapat pergi?

I am also pissed off with the HR. Look, for me, it's crystal clear that this is extra-curricular activity. It is not something within my immediate job scope. It is just an initiation rite that you have a few times a year. So I missed the first one, my son was hospitalized. Now, if I miss the second one, I'll be blacklisted for not being cooperative? Fuck you, forgive me for doing my work! Why did you schedule the event during the busiest time of the year? Pernah consult our bosses ke pasal the suitability of the time? Tak pernah kan? Then how? You arrange during busy times, then of course lah orang busy and unavailable. Bencilah macam ni.

It's shite like this that makes me so sick of work!

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