Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Idiot #001 Part 1

Note from the Scribe
I foresee this as an on-going blog entry. This is probably the first entry I am dedicating to this person -- no, no, he is not that special, he is just that blardy annoying and I hate him enough to bash him again, and again, even if it's through an anonymous cyber landscape.


Hubby has a brother. He was married, now divorced, has 4 kids and then got into some financial problems. Actually, he was never financially-sound, I guess. He earned a fair amount each month, though he just kerja kilang. His wife worked as well, some kerani cabuk or something. They used to live in Seremban-Kuala Pilah-Senawang, somewhere uncool like that la (no offense to Negrians, my beef is with the said brother).

But I dunno what's with those two, their money was never enough. Not even after he chose VSS and got compensated with RM27,000. Not a cent of that money was given to my mother in law, i.e, his and hubby's mother.

Even throughout the years, my brother-in-law, henceforth will be called the idiot, did not send any money to his mother. Hubby's family always had this suspicion that the idiot is under some spell from the idiot's wife and her family. Maybe some nasi kangkang or something, I dunno. My take? The idiot is just one of those spineless, insipid individuals. It's easier to let his wife to make the decisions than to make them himself, so he let her do just that.

So, long story short, the idiot got into a humongous money problem (which resulted from the two of them buying a house they can ill-afford -- who the fuck does that? Ambik loan bank to beli rumah when they can't afford the monthly payment???). Ini kes perasan kaya-raya, padahal belajar sampai SPM je, kerja makan gaji, tu pun malas. Pakai kredit kad, beli kereta lah, motor lah etc. Padahal anak tonggang-langgang.

The bank wants him to pay some RM800 a month or something, basically the amount is about the idiot's salary plus his wife's salary minus a few hundred ringgits. So, exactly how can the idiot pay for all that and still feed his kids, right? The idiot (or maybe it was his wife) got the idea of borrowing from ah long. Brilliant, eh?

Needless to say, the idiot got deeper and deeper into the shithole that he was in already and the idiot wanted to bail. Now, how would any sane person do that? Oh, I dunno, get a second (third, fourth, fifth) job, borrow from a relative or sell off some of their asset or something. That's what a sane person would do. What would an idiot do? Bug his mother about it. The mother he never sent any money to, the mother he left the minute he married that bitch of a wife. That mother who was living on his dead father's pension. The mother who's the only other source of income is her second son, my hubby.

The ensuing story is an on-going one. Tune in for more. My anger is spent for today.

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